Bus stops from Brindisi Salento Bari Airport

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Bus stops from Brindisi Salento Bari Airport

The public shuttle bus service is available in the Apulia Airports which allows you to reach the main tourist areas of Apulia.

If you leave for your holiday in Puglia and land at one of the airports in Puglia, such as Brindisi or Bari, it will be very easy to reach the city center or nearby cities thanks to the shuttles and thanks to the combined bus + train service.

How to get to the city from Brindisi airport

The Brindisi Air & Port link project was born on 10 February 2022.

This is a collaboration between Trenitalia and the Brindisi public transport service, with the support of the Puglia Region.

With this new project it will be very easy to reach the city of Brindisi if you land at the Salento airport (Brindisi).

You can also easily reach the cities of Bari, Lecce and Taranto.

In fact, integrated travel solutions have also been included to reach the most beautiful cities of Puglia.

It is a transport service that combines two travel solutions: train + bus (totally sustainable).

Here are the new travel solutions that have been included to allow the movement to and from the Salento airport to other cities:

  • 37 integrated travel solutions per day that will allow you to move to and from Lecce
  • 35 integrated travel solutions per day that will allow you to move to and from Bari
  • 16 integrated travel solutions per day that will allow you to move to and from Taranto

Getting from the city to the airport and vice versa is really simple and practical if you use this new public transport network.

In this way, if you need to reach the airport or the port of Brindisi, you can save on fuel and parking, as you can easily leave your car at home. If, on the other hand, you land in Brindisi and want to reach the city of Brindisi, Lecce, Bari or Taranto, it will be convenient and simple to use public transport (bus + train).

How to move from the center of Brindisi to the airport and vice versa

From the square of the central station of Brindisi you can find a shuttle (electric or methane, totally sustainable) that leaves every half hour. The shuttle can accommodate 65 people.

By taking this convenient shuttle you can reach Brindisi airport in fifteen minutes and the port of Brindisi in just 10 minutes.

You can use the "Brindisi air & port link" offer even if you return from a holiday by plane or if you arrive at the port of Brindisi and want to reach your destination comfortably by train.

Reach the main cities of Puglia if you land at Salento airport (Brindisi)

Therefore, a series of connections to and from the airport and port of Brindisi are offered.

Furthermore, with the integrated travel solutions (bus + train) you can reach other nearby cities.

The new "Brindisi air & port link" offer includes:

  • Regional trains
  • Arrows
  • Intercity

The offer involves the main cities of Puglia:

  • Brindisi
  • Lecce
  • Taranto
  • Bari

Travel times and prices to and from Salento airport (Brindisi)

From the city of Lecce to the Salento airport it will take you about 50 minutes, spending from € 4.10.

From the city of Taranto the travel time is about 1 hour and 45 minutes with a price from € 6.30.

From Francavilla Fontana (a town near Taranto) it will take you 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach the airport, spending about € 4.10.

From Fasano it will take you 1 hour to reach Brindisi airport, spending around € 5.60.

From Ostuni the journey time is 50 minutes with a price starting from € 4.10.

From the city of Bari it will take 1 hour and 40 minutes, with a price starting from € 10.20.

Where to buy tickets to use transport to the airport

You can buy tickets both online (from the Trenitalia website) or even in all traditional points of sale, such as ticket offices and tobacconists.

Shuttle timetable from the city center to Brindisi airport

The public transport service offers a shuttle that leaves every half hour from Brindisi central station and reaches the Salento airport and the port of Costa Morena.

The shuttle service is active every day, the first ride is at 5.30 in the morning and leaves from Piazza Crispi (central station square). The last ride is at 11.45 pm. You will find a shuttle to reach Brindisi airport every half hour. The cost of the shuttle ticket is 1 €.

How to reach the center of Bari from Bari airport

If you land at Bari Palese airport, you can reach the city center of Bari by taking a bus or by taking a shuttle.

The bus is managed by the public transport company AMTAB of Bari.

The bus is number 16 and connects the airport with the central station.

The cost of the ticket is only one euro and has a longer travel time than the shuttle as it makes 35 stops along the way.

You will find the bus stop 16 in front of the arrivals section of the airport, once you exit the terminal.

Shuttle to reach the city from Bari airport

Another way to reach Bari center if you land at Bari airport is the shuttle.

The shuttle service runs every day and will take you directly to the train station. (If you want from the station you can take the different trains that reach the nearby cities of Puglia).

The cost of the airport shuttle is 4 euros and takes 30 minutes to reach the city.

The shuttle stops are: via Piccinni, via Quintino Sella and the last one in piazza Aldo Moro near the central station.

If you want to reach the airport from the city center, you will find the shuttle stop in via Andrea da Bari, in via Piccinni and in Piazza Garibaldi 42.

Shuttle timetable from the center to Bari airport

The first bus leaving from Bari station is at 5.10 am, while the last bus is at 20.25.

The first ride that leaves from Bari airport is at 5.35 am, while the last one is at 00.10 am the following day.