Brindisi: what to see in a few hours

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Brindisi: what to see in a few hours

If you are in Brindisi for work or passing through and would like to know what is worth seeing having a few hours available, in this post you will find all the useful tips to know what to see in Brindisi in a few hours.

If you wish to be accompanied by one of our authorized tour guides, to learn about the history of Brindisi and fully experience this experience, contact us and book your guided tour.

What to see in Brindisi in a few hours

  • Lungomare Regina Margherita
  • Colonna Romana
  • Piazza Santa Teresa
  • Monumento al Marinaio d'Italia

Lungomare Regina Margherita

Brindisi: Mappa Lungomare Regina Margherita

Lungomare Regina Margherita is one of the main streets of Brindisi. It extends parallel to the Port of Brindisi and is the way on which we advise you to position yourself to embark on this tour of Brindisi to do in a few hours. For your convenience, here are the Google Map coordinates to reach Lungomare Regina Margherita.

Lungomare Regina Margherita

Along the Lungomare you can easily reach all the points of interest recommended in this post.

A two-minute walk will bring you to the Virgil Steps, at the top of which is the Roman Column.

Continuing along the seafront, a 5-minute walk from the Roman Column is the beautiful Piazza Santa Teresa.

To visit the Monument to the Sailor of Italy you can take advantage of the motorboat which, crossing the Port of Brindisi, connects the Lungomare with the Casale district, where the Monument to the Sailor of Italy is located.

So, as mentioned, starting from Lungomare Regina Margherita, you will have the opportunity to visit the most evocative places of Brindisi in a few hours.

Colonna Romana

Colonne Romane Brindisi

The Roman Column is undoubtedly the best known monument by tourists who visit Brindisi. The many tourists we met and joined during the guided tours in Brindisi already knew or had already heard of the Roman Column of Brindisi.

It is estimated that the Roman Columns of Brindisi were erected during the 11th century. Initially the Roman Columns were two, but one of the two columns, the one on the right, collapsed in 1528. The collapsed column was never rebuilt and its remains remained scattered around the base for more than a century. Subsequently, the collapsed parts were used for the construction of the Monument of Sant'Oronzo in Lecce.

In the fifteenth century the Roman Columns of Brindisi became the coat of arms of the city, replacing the deer antlers, which until that period was the coat of arms of the city of Brindisi.

Photo of the upper part of the Roman Column

Capitello Originale Colonna Romana Brindisi Scalinata Virgilio

Piazza Santa Teresa

Piazza Santa Teresa Brindisi

Piazza Santa Teresa is one of the most iconic and fascinating places in Brindisi, located in the heart of the old city. This square, which was once an old market, is surrounded by historic buildings and monuments dating back to the 19th century. Its name derives from a small church located on the square, dedicated to Santa Teresa d'Avila.

The square is the perfect place for an evening stroll or for a stop during a sightseeing tour of the city. The landscape is graced with some of the best examples of architecture.

Nearby is also the Palazzo della Provincia, an imposing building that houses the offices of local institutions, and the Church of San Giovanni Battista, one of the oldest churches in the city.

The square is the ideal meeting point for Brindisi's nightlife, with a wide choice of bars and restaurants where you can taste the typical local cuisine. Cultural and musical events are also held here, such as concerts and shows, which enliven the square throughout the year.

Piazza Santa Teresa is also a place of great historical importance, as evidence of the city's past and its evolution. Its charm is evident in every corner, from the majesty of its buildings to the beauty of the fountains and statues that adorn it.

Piazza Santa Teresa is a place that cannot be missed for anyone visiting Brindisi, an oasis of peace and beauty that represents the soul of the city and its vital spirit.

Monumento al Marinaio d'Italia

Monumento al Marinaio d'Italia

The Monument to the Italian Sailor was built at the behest of Admiral Paolo Thaon di Revel (Minister of the Navy of the Kingdom of Italy) immediately after the First World War in memory of the sailors who died with honor for their homeland during the Great War.

The Monument has the shape of a rudder of a large ship and is 68 meters high on the side of the facade facing the lower square, while it is 54 meters high on the side of the facade facing the upper square.

The monument was also strongly desired by the then Prime Minister Benito Mussolini, in fact in 1925 a fundraiser was organized for the construction of the imposing monument.

The construction of the Monument to the Sailor of Italy began in October 1932 and lasted a year. The architect was Luigi Brunati and the sculptor Amerigo Bartoli. The inauguration of the monument took place on November 4, 1933, which was also attended by King Vittorio Emanuale III.

Only later, in 1955, was the statue of the Virgin Mary (Star of the Sea) placed.

Foto Monumento al Marinaio d'Italia di Brindisi

How to get to the Monument to the Sailor of Italy from the Lungomare Regina Margherita

The Casale district, the area where the Monument is located, is easily reachable from the Lungomare Regina Margherita by motorboat.

It is a boat used for passenger transport that allows you to quickly pass from the center of Brindisi to the Casale district.

The motorboat ticket costs 1 euro and the frequency with which the motorboat serves this route is constant. It stops for a few minutes on the respective docks of the two banks and then starts again.

Once an hour, the motorboat makes a complete tour of the port. We advise you to experience the complete tour of the Port with the motorboat to admire the beauty of the Lungomare Regina Margherita from the sea.

Where to have lunch or dinner in Brindisi during your visit

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Please note that this post has the sole purpose of directing you to the best places to visit in Brindisi in a few hours and does not provide a complete explanation of the history of the monuments and points of interest that we have described. Brindisi and more generally the monuments and attractions we have described are steeped in history and very interesting anecdotes that we have not covered in this post, which has the sole objective of advising you which places to visit and certainly deepen with the help of a licensed tour guide.

If you want to book your guided tour in Brindisi that will guide you among the suggestive places we have described in this post, contact us and we will be happy to organize for you the route to discover the most beautiful places to visit in Brindisi in a few hours.

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