Cave of Poetry (Grotta della Poesia): A Jewel Set in the History of Roca Vecchia

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Cave of poetry, natural pool. Guided tours

Welcome to the vibrant heart of Salento, where nature blends with history to offer scenes of immeasurable beauty. Today, I take you to explore the Grotta della Poesia, a place that will surely amaze you with its magnificence and mysteries.

Located in Roca Vecchia, just a few kilometers from Lecce, the Grotta della Poesia is a natural pool that captures both the eye and the heart. Recognized among the top ten natural pools in the world, this Adriatic jewel is a must-visit for anyone exploring Salento, offering breathtaking views.

Cave of Poetry

The complex is divided into two parts: the Grotta Grande and the Grotta Piccola. Both offer stunning views, but it's the Grotta Grande that steals the show with its crystal-clear water, about 5 meters deep, inviting you to immerse yourself visually in a world of tranquility.

The grotto is not just a paradise for the eyes but also a site of significant archaeological importance. Inhabited since the Bronze Age, Roca Vecchia tells ancient stories that you can explore in the archaeological site open in the summer afternoons, providing a window into the past that enriches every visitor's experience.

But beware! Although tempting, swimming in the Grotta is prohibited to preserve its beauty and integrity. Fear not, the visual spectacle alone is worth the journey, and the commitment to conserving this magical place allows everyone to enjoy its unspoiled beauty.

Easily accessible, entry to the Grotta della Poesia has a symbolic cost: 3 euros for adults and 2 euros for youth and groups. A small price for an unforgettable experience, available from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM during the summer, inviting anyone to discover this Salento treasure.

Curiosity: to reach this paradise corner, you'll need to traverse the cliff near the Sanctuary of Maria Santissima delle Grazie. A small pilgrimage that adds a touch of adventure to your visit, making it even more memorable.

And now, a treat for you: not everyone knows that the name "Grotta della Poesia" hides a legend. It is said that a timelessly beautiful princess bathed in these waters, attracting poets from everywhere who, inspired, sang her praises. This story adds a layer of mystery and romance to the grotto, inviting visitors to dream and imagine tales from another time.

Cave of Poetry

The Grotta della Poesia is more than a place to see; it's an experience to live, encompassing the beauty of nature, the charm of history, and the mystery of legends. A place where, even without diving in, you can fully immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere that only such a unique site can offer.

The nature surrounding the Grotta della Poesia is equally extraordinary. The intense blue of the sea contrasts with the Mediterranean greenery, creating a living painting that changes with the daylight and seasons, offering a constantly fascinating spectacle.

For adventure lovers, the path to the grotto is an invitation to explore, discover hidden corners, and enjoy unforgettable views. And for those seeking a moment of reflection, the Grotta della Poesia offers peaceful spots to listen to the sea, feel the breeze, and connect with nature.

Visiting the Grotta della Poesia is also an opportunity to reflect on the importance of environmental conservation. Every visitor is called to respect this place, contributing to preserving its beauty for future generations. A gesture of respect towards nature that hosts us and offers moments of pure wonder.

Grotta della Poesia

Archaeological and Historical Importance

Let's uncover a hidden treasure! The Grotta della Poesia is not just a feast for the eyes but an open book on history. Thanks to Professor Cosimo Pagliara, we know that this place was a crossroads for different civilizations. Imagine: walls that tell ancient stories, inscriptions that reveal past secrets. It's not just a cave; it's a time capsule!

Conservation and Regulations

Attention, adventurers! Before diving into these crystal-clear waters, here's crucial news: swimming here is off-limits. Why? For the sake of conservation. This natural jewel needs us to shine for years to come. Let's respect the rules: no swimming or sunbathing. In return, the Grotta offers us its untouched beauty. A fair deal, right?

Grotte della Poesia

Exploration of the Roca Vecchia Archaeological Site

Ready for a journey through time? Roca Vecchia awaits us. From the Bronze Age to the present day, every stone has a story to tell. Explore the Grande and Piccola caves, give a nod to the tower of Madonna di Roca Vecchia. And there's more: Bronze Age fortifications and Messapian walls are waiting for us. Tickets in hand (only 3 euros, a bargain!), eyes wide open, and off we go on an adventure. Oh, remember: guided tours are the icing on the cake to truly understand everything. Don't miss them!


The Grotta della Poesia is not just a tourist destination; it's an enriching experience that teaches and moves. Whether you're seeking beauty, history, nature, or simply a place for inspiration, the Grotta della Poesia awaits to offer you unforgettable moments, amidst its crystal-clear waters and ancient stories.