Christmas markets in Puglia

Updated at: 08-07-2024

Christmas markets in Puglia

The Christmas markets in Puglia are set up and open to the public during the period leading up to Christmas and shops start selling Christmas products and decorations as early as November. The Apulian cities come alive with lights and colors with the famous Christmas Puglia markets in early December.

The Christmas markets in Puglia are set up in the main cities and are visited every year by thousands of families who can savor the typical Christmas spirit of Puglia. Walking through the suggestive illuminated villages of Puglia, on the stalls of the Christmas markets, people celebrate and choose Christmas decorations or gifts, you can buy handicrafts or taste the typical products and local sweets of Puglia.

Also this year the Christmas markets in Puglia are present in: Locorotondo, Alberobello, Ostuni, Lecce, Bari and Brindisi in the period of dates between 22 November and 6 January .

In this article (updated for Christmas ) you will discover:

  • Cities with the best Christmas markets in Puglia

  • All the things to know about the Christmas markets in Puglia in

  • Which cities to see and what to do during Christmas in Puglia

If you want to spend the Christmas holidays in Puglia, there are many cities that will make you breathe the air of the holidays, among them certainly the visit of the living nativity scenes in Puglia 

Christmas markets in Puglia

BariChristmas market6 December6 JanuaryCentro Storico (Città vecchia)
AlberobelloChristmas market by Trulli6 December6 JanuaryCentro Storico
LecceChristmas market7 December6 JanuaryEx Convento dei Teatini
LocorotondoChristmas market7 December6 JanuaryPiazza Aldo Moro
TarantoChristmas market22 November6 JanuaryCorso Vittorio Emanuele II
Martina FrancaSanta Claus Village7 December6 JanuaryCentro Storico
BrindisiSanta Claus Village8 December6 JanuaryPiazza della Vittoria
MesagneChristmas market8 December6 JanuaryCentro Storico
OstuniChristmas market8 December6 JanuaryCentro Storico
Mercatini di Natale in Puglia

A characteristic of Christmas in Puglia are the markets. Let's see below when and where the most beautiful Christmas markets are.

The squares of the main cities of Puglia are filled with Christmas markets. Many artisans sell their products there. From the first week of December you can stroll through the streets of the cities and make your gifts.

Walking through the Christmas markets in Puglia you can choose from many handicrafts. It is mostly handmade objects, beautiful creations prepared by the Apulian artisans and put up for sale among these suggestive banquets.

Mercatini di Natale in Puglia

If you are thinking of spending the Christmas holidays in Puglia, there are many cities that will let you breathe the festive air, among these certainly a visit to the living nativity scenes in Puglia.

Best Christmas markets in Puglia

A characteristic of Christmas in Puglia are the markets. Let's see below where you can find the most beautiful Christmas markets.

The best Christmas markets in Puglia are are:

If you are thinking of organizing Christmas in Puglia, you will be able to find Christmas markets as early as the first week of December.

So, we recommend the month of December for your holiday in Italy, in Puglia.

Christmas markets Locorotondo

Locorotondo centro storico, luminarie e addobbi natalizi

In Locorotondo the Christmas markets will be open to the public from November 28th to January 8th. Visitors will be able to admire the splendid city of the Itria Valley in a Christmas atmosphere with a Nordic flavor thanks to the typical stone structures of the historic center. The decorations and handcrafted lights will help to warm the atmosphere of the streets of the ancient center. You can consult the complete program of Christmas Locorotondo events.

Christmas markets Alberobello

Alberobello, luminarie sui Trulli del centro storico

The Alberobello Christmas Markets are open to the public from 7 December to 6 January and are located in the historic center of Alberobello in the ancient Trulli district.

The Christmas markets in Alberobello are among the most characteristic of Puglia (and unique in the world) for the location in the city district of the Trulli, the typical stone houses of the Itria Valley with cone roofs. From the beginning of December the lights will begin to warm the trulli of the town and bring a magical atmosphere up to the Befana. The typical Christmas market will be set up with numerous handcrafted products in various materials and equally numerous products and food and wine stands.

Ostuni Christmas Markets

Ostuni centro, mercatini di Natale

From the last week of November to January 6 in Ostuni the "Natale Ostunense" will be held. The Christmas event offers Christmas markets with all the stands where you can buy sweets, food and wine products and handicrafts.

For the little ones, the beautiful Santa Claus village where they can play and have fun.

Street artists and events in the various squares will offer moments of pleasant entertainment to better complement the Christmas atmosphere of Ostuni.

Christmas Ferris Wheel

One of the most beautiful places from which to observe Ostuni with its Christmas lights, and to admire the surrounding area from the Itria Valley to the sea, is to take advantage of the annual Ferris wheel mounted in the amusement and amusement area set up in the historic center.

Ostuni at Christmas in fact offers its visitors a suggestive 40-meter high Ferris wheel, with also countless rides and inflatable games for children available to the public.

Christmas markets Bari

Bari, mercatino in strada nel centro storico

The Christmas markets in Bari will be set up, 6 December to 6 January , in the streets and squares of the Old Town, or the historic center of the city of Bari overlooking the sea. In Piazza Umberto, however, there will be the village of Santa Claus.

The numerous alpine-style wooden stalls that host the artisans who offer their handmade products or typical local products to visitors are beautiful. Travelers who will visit the markets will find food and wine products, typical handicraft products and local and handmade products in general.

In Piazza del Ferrarese you will find many other stalls and a 14-metre high Christmas tree.

Bari centro, albero di natale e bancarelle

Going to the markets will allow couples, families and Christmas lovers to immerse themselves in the Christmas atmosphere, have fun and make some small purchases.

To brighten the days and evenings of visitors there will be stages set up for musical and entertainment events, for adults and children, throughout the day.

Christmas markets Monopoli

Monopoli, luci di natale sul centro storico

Monopoli, in the province of Bari, will host many Christmas markets for Christmas

The complete program of the Christmas markets in Monopoli

The event called "Monopoli Christmas Home" will be held from 7 December to 6 January . A month full of news to discover Christmas.

List of new events in the program:

  • On 7 December at 20.00 the large Christmas tree will be lit in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. In this same square you will find a 300-meter ice skating rink.
  • Throughout the month there will be many Christmas markets. You will find exhibitors of various types. Food and wine products, Christmas decorations, local handicraft products.
  • The whole historic center of Monopoli, during this Christmas , will be embellished with many decorations and lights.
  • There is also an area dedicated to children. A sort of laboratory where children can engage in creative games.

The complete program of events in Monopoli:

  • Sunday 7 December : the musical group "The black and blues gospel and r & b" will perform with the participation of Brian Lucas.
  • Saturday 18 December at 8.30 pm: The "Little Italian Mezzotono Orchestra" will perform. These are five voices that mimic the sounds of instruments.
  • On Tuesday 23 December at 8.30 pm "The good ole boys rock'n'roll party" will perform. A quintet with guitars and piano.
  • Saturday 1 January at 8.30 pm: Gianni Ciardo will inaugurate the new year.
  • Wednesday 5 January at 5.00 pm there will be a magical show "casta stories show" with the collaboration of Rai Yo Yo.

Christmas markets Lecce

Lecce, mercatini nel centro storico

At Christmas the Christmas markets return to Lecce, after a year without events due to covid19.

Where can you find the Christmas markets in Lecce?

In Lecce you can find the Christmas markets:

  • In Piazza Mazzini
  • In Piazza Sant’Oronzo
  • To the Theatine monastery

The Christmas markets in Lecce will be hosted in Piazza Mazzini. Here you will find many games for children. In the square of Sant’Oronzo, however, there will be the chocolate markets. At the Theatine monastery you will find the famous puppet fair, with the display of papier-mâché nativity scenes.

Program of events for Christmas in Lecce

Here is the program of Christmas in Lecce:

First of all, the Fiera di Santa Lucia returns, with the famous display of papier-mâché nativity scenes. This year it will take place within the Theatines. You will see many nativity scenes handmade by local artisans.

The Chocolate Fair will take place in piazza Sant’Oronzo. Master chocolatiers from all over Italy will arrive and you can buy delicious chocolate creations.

In Piazza Mazzini, however, there will be the houses of the Christmas Village. Here you can buy toys, books and many other accessories. You will also find stalls with typical products. The square will be decorated with Christmas lights.

The large Christmas tree will be set up in Piazza Sant’Oronzo. The whole city will light up and be filled with decorations. In some neighborhoods there will also be musical performances.

Christmas markets Brindisi

This year the Christmas markets in Brindisi will take place from 4 December to 6 January . You will find the markets in Piazza della Vittoria and in Corso Umberto.

The village of Santa Claus will be set up in the complex of the "Scuole Pie".

Christmas Market Brindisi

program of the Christmas markets in Brindisi

During your Christmas holidays in Brindisi you will find many markets set up in the city center. The streets and squares of the city will be decorated with Christmas decorations and lights.

Christmas events in Brindisi

Throughout the Christmas period this year Brindisi offers a full calendar of events with guests and highly prestigious events both in the city and in the province.

Visit the page dedicated to Christmas in Brindisi to find out more.

Christmas markets in Brindisi

Christmas markets Taranto

Taranto centro, mercatini di natale con albero luminoso

In Taranto, Christmas begins on November 22nd. Already from this date you will find many lights for the city and Christmas markets

Christmas in Taranto , here are the news

For this Christmas there are many news and you can spend a wonderful holiday in Taranto.

Here's what you will find at Christmas in Taranto:

  • The Christmas markets
  • The carousel with period horses
  • The Ferris wheel
  • Many illuminations
  • Christmas tree
  • Ice rink in Piazza della Vittoria

Christmas markets in Puglia where to experience the magic of Christmas

The main square of Lecce is filled with lights and markets. During the Santa Lucia fair you will find many Christmas markets in Lecce. Nativity scenes in terracotta or papier-mâché are exhibited. Everything is handmade by local artisans. If you visit the Christmas market you will be able to see and buy handmade nativity scenes in every detail.

Also in Bari you will find numerous Christmas markets. Every year a "Santa Claus village" is set up, with numerous wooden stalls, reminiscent of mountain houses. In this Christmas market in Puglia you will find many handmade creations and typical Apulian food. Christmas in Bari is magical.

In Ostuni you will find Christmas markets in various streets and squares. You will be able to observe handcrafted products and buy typical products of the Puglia area.

Therefore, the main feature of the Christmas markets in Puglia are the handicrafts and local foods.

The main stop if you want to experience Christmas in Puglia is Alberobello. Christmas Market in Alberobello. The village is filled with lights and colors. Many Christmas lights are projected on the external walls of the trulli. From the first days of December until January Alberobello turns into a magical place. You can experience the magic of Christmas in this typical Apulian village. You can see other decorations walking through the city center. Visit the village with its ancient trulli. If you want to enrich your experience you can book and sleep at night in a real trullo. A unique experience. Besuchen Sie das Dorf mit seinen antiken Trulli. Wenn Sie Ihre Erfahrung bereichern möchten, können Sie buchen und nachts in einem echten Trullo schlafen. Eine einzigartige Erfahrung.

Even Lecce, a beautiful city in Puglia, is filled with lights. The Christmas holidays in Lecce begin with the Christmas markets of the Santa Lucia fair. One of the most beautiful Christmas markets. It usually takes place in the Castle Charles V of Lecce. Here you will find handmade nativity scenes created with papier-mâché or terracotta. The main square of Lecce, Piazza Sant'Oronzo, is usually embellished with large decorations. In December you will see illuminations and markets in the city center. In Piazza Mazzini, every year, there is a market. Here you can buy toys, decorations, books and typical sweets.If you want to spend Christmas in Puglia, the city of Lecce is a beautiful destination. You can visit the main attractions of the city of Lecce, the churches and palaces characterized by the Baroque style. And you can walk in the streets of the center illuminated by the magic of Christmas.

Mercatini di natale in Puglia

In Bari the Christmas holidays begin on December 6th. Day of St. Nicholas, patron saint of the city. On December 6, the city of Bari lights up with lights and colors. The center is filled with typical Christmas markets. Throughout the month of December you can experience Christmas in this beautiful city of Puglia. Dedicate yourself in the morning to discover the most important tourist attractions of the city. In the evening enjoy the Christmas air together with the locals.

As in all Apulian cities, Taranto also becomes magical at Christmas. In Taranto the Christmas holidays begin on November 22nd. Day of St. Cecilia. From the early hours of dawn on November 22, several marching bands play on the streets of the city. Usually after these musical events there is the procession and the holy mass. It is a day of celebration, tradition and religiosity. It is the day of the "pettole", typical Apulian food. On the night of Santa Cecilia many shops and some residents prepare the hot breastplates and offer them to passers-by. On this day many decorate the Christmas tree at home. So in Taranto Christmas begins earlier than in the other cities of Puglia. Then throughout the Christmas period the city remains illuminated and decorated until January 6th. Day of the epiphany.

So, what to do at Christmas in Puglia?

If you want to spend the Christmas holidays in Italy, Puglia is one of the most beautiful regions. Let's see what to do at Christmas.

First of all savor the magic of Christmas in the alleys of the most beautiful cities of Puglia. You will be fascinated by the lights and decorations scattered in the streets of all the Apulian cities. Citizens also contribute to the magic of Christmas. It is customary to decorate the balconies with lights that make the city more beautiful and bright.

If you are on holiday in Puglia in December, there will be Christmas markets in the main squares. The cities organize markets during the Christmas period, where you can buy products of all kinds. Handmade costume jewelry, books, sweets and typical products. 

Usually on New Year's Day concerts are held in the main squares of the cities.

Enjoy beautiful walks through the markets, savor the festive air and taste the typical local products.

What are you waiting for? Organize now your Christmas in the most beautiful cities of Puglia!