Christmas in Puglia: The best places for Christmas

Updated at: 17-04-2024

Christmas in Puglia 2022 The best places for Christmas

In Puglia the air of Christmas is already breathed in the first days of November with Christmas decorations in the shops, Puglia lights up with the magic of Christmas. During the Christmas period in Puglia you can do numerous activities, including: Visit the Christmas Markets, See the living nativity scene and participate in food and wine tours for tasting the typical specialties of Christmas in Puglia.

The best places to spend Christmas in Puglia are: Bari, Locorotondo, Alberobello, Brindisi, Lecce, Ostuni, Polignano.

In this article you will find useful information on Christmas in Puglia, on what to do during the Christmas holidays and on the best places to celebrate Christmas .

Christmas in Puglia what to do

Here are 4 things to do absolutely during your Christmas holidays in Puglia:

Christmas in Puglia

Christmas in Bari

Where will the events of Christmas be held?

The events of Christmas in Bari will be hosted in Piazza del Ferrarese.

All the dates and events of Christmas in Bari

On 6 December in Bari there will be the Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Piazza del Ferrarese.

A stage will be set up which will host various events during the month of December.

A large garden will be set up in Piazza del Ferrarese that will lead to the large illuminated tree. At the entrance to the square you will see a large green arched portal covered with lights. From here you can enter the garden which will be set up with lots of lights. A sort of wood where there will be video projections and sound diffusion.

In one area of โ€‹โ€‹the square there will be an English glass and iron greenhouse, where you can find the Amgas infopoint, which took care of supporting the events and setting up the city of Bari. The greenhouse will be decorated with a beautiful Christmas stars. Nearby there will be a large luminous writing in metal wire: LOVE XMAS.

From 8 December to 28 December , every day for eight minutes, the tree will be lit with a show of music and lights.

Christmas in Locorotondo

Christmas Locorotondo

The small village of Locorotondo, in the province of Bari, will light up with lights and colors during this Christmas

Natale Locorotondo

In addition to the many Christmas markets there will be many events.

Program of Christmas events in Locorotondo

Here are all the events that you can find in Locorotondo during the Christmas holidays

  • 11 December : Christmas Tour: Guided tour in the historic center starting from Via Morelli at 10:30
  • 11 December : Inauguration of the artistic installations in the historic center and show by the street band "Vagaband" from 6.00 pm
  • 13 December : Night of the Candles event and Feast of Saint Lucia from 18:00 at the Mother Church
  • 18 December : Theatrical show "Il Mayor Pescatore" on stage with RadicArti at 6.00 pm at the Municipal Auditorium
  • 23 December : Muse by Locus Winter at 9 pm at the Bass Culture Association
  • 24 December : Concert by Duo Zampognari from 10:30 in the Historic Center
  • 26 December : opening to the public of the Living Nativity from 5.00 pm in Contrada Grofoleo
  • 6 January : Musichiamo musical event from 8.00 pm at the Municipal Auditorium

In addition to the many Christmas markets there will be many events that you can consult in the official program of Christmas events Locorotondo

Natale Locorotondo

Christmas in Ostuni

Even Ostuni in the period of December will be festively decorated and illuminated for the occasion. In this 3 you will find many lights in the small characteristic streets and Christmas markets in the main square.

Christmas in Art - Ostuni

Christmas in Art is an exhibition of figurative, pictorial, sculptural and photographic arts, which takes place at the Palazzo Tanzarella in the historic center of Ostuni, near the Cathedral. The exhibition is in its sixth edition and will be held from December 16, to December 22, with hours from 18.00 to 21.00. The theme of the exhibition is THE COLORS OF CHRISTMAS. Admission is free.

Given the pandemic situation of Covid, at the moment there are no events that will be made to a large audience or in outdoor places, but only book presentations and by appointment.

The traditions of Christmas in Puglia

Puglia is rich in traditions and during the Christmas period every city and town celebrates following its own traditions. Below are the most beautiful traditions in Puglia during the Christmas period.

In the small town of Acquaviva delle Fonti, in the province of Bari, a beautiful and colorful Christmas market is set up every year. The best part is the many musical events that surround this Christmas market in Acquaviva. Tradition has it that some shows are staged by bagpipers. According to tradition, bagpipers play and dress in typical clothes of the Apulian peasant tradition: wool jacket, sheepskin vest, cloak and wool socks. These shows are performed in the various sanctuaries of the city, and end with the exhibition at the Sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary. In short, in Acquaviva delle Fonti you will discover a Christmas that follows the rhythm of the bagpipes.

In the town of Presicce, in the province of Lecce, we go from bagpipes to tambourines. Throughout the Salento there is the tradition of the pizzica and of this small instrument, the tambourine. The Tambourine festival is organized in Presicce at Christmas. You will see many performances by drummers and dancers.

The Christmas markets in Puglia

As we have already said, the cities of Puglia set up many Christmas markets in the main squares. The Christmas markets enliven the streets of the cities. In the Christmas markets you can buy typical local products, depending on the city where you are. You will also see many handcrafted products and accessories that you can buy. One idea is to buy an original gift from one of the many markets you will see in Puglia.

For more information on the Christmas markets in Puglia see our article: Christmas markets in Puglia .

The nativity scene in Puglia in the period of Christmas

The Apulian nativity scenes

Nativity scenes are very famous in Puglia. Among the most important nativity scenes, we recommend that you visit the one in the Basilica of Santa Croce, in Lecce, where you can also admire the fresco of the Nativity. In many cities you can also admire the living nativity scenes.

During Christmas in Puglia, the cities are set up with nativity scenes. Many nativity scenes are made of papier mache. There are many exhibits of large papier-mâché nativity scenes, made by specialized artists. In some cities, however, you will find living nativity scenes.

In many Christmas markets in Puglia  you will have the opportunity to buy handmade nativity scenes. In Tricase, in the province of Lecce, a beautiful living nativity scene is set up every year. And many tourists are attracted every year.

Puglia is always attentive to Christmas decorations. The art of the Nativity scene is one of the most important traditions in Puglia. You will find representations of the birth of Jesus. Nativity scenes representing the whole village with merchants, roads, lakes and pastures. In Lecce you will find a beautiful papier-mâché nativity scene. In the church of Santa Caterina, in Galatina, there is another very famous nativity scene. That of Galatina is considered the oldest in Puglia. You can admire other nativity scenes in Polignano a Mare or Martina Franca.

The cuisine of Christmas in Puglia

Puglia is also famous for its delicious food. During your Christmas holiday in Puglia you absolutely must taste the typical food. During Christmas the famous fried pettole are prepared. The main menu on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve is based on fish. We eat cod.

On the tables there is no shortage of the typical focaccia of Bari. Lamb with vegetables. According to tradition, eating lentils on New Year's Eve brings economic luck. Everything is always accompanied by Apulian wine. There are also many sweets.

In short, it does not matter in which city you decide to spend Christmas, your certainty in Puglia will be the delicious typical cuisine.

The lights in Puglia - Christmas

Another feature of Christmas in Puglia are the lights. Cities are filled with lights, colors and Christmas decorations. In Polignano a Mare, on the famous beach of Lama Monachile, the so-called "artist's lights" are exhibited. These are real illuminated works. A sort of Christmas village is created. In all the cities of Puglia, during the Christmas period, you will find plays of lights and beautiful decorations. Even the balconies of the houses are decorated with lights by the owners that make the cities magical.

Christmas in Puglia

Visit the most beautiful cities

Among the most beautiful cities to visit during your Christmas in Puglia there is certainly the city of Lecce. Famous for its Baroque architecture that runs through all the buildings in the city. At Christmas it is filled with lights, a large Christmas tree is set up in Piazza Sant'Oronzo. Each church in Lecce exhibits its beautiful papier-mâché nativity scene. Lecce will fascinate you.

Another destination for many tourists during the Christmas period is Alberobello. Here you will find many Christmas markets among the typical trulli. The historic center is filled with lights. Many lights are projected on the walls of the trulli. In short, you will take a walk surrounded by a dreamy atmosphere.

Then book your Christmas holiday in Puglia now to discover more closely the traditions and typical local products. You will be fascinated by a magical Puglia, rich in history and art, which fully lives the magic of Christmas.

Choose your dates, book your hotel and let yourself be overwhelmed by the magic of Christmas in Puglia.