Music Festivals in Puglia, Events of Summer.

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Music Festivals in Puglia, Events of Summer.

Puglia is a wonderful land that offers unique scenarios to concerts and festivals held outdoors during the summer season.

The Music Festivals in Puglia are musical events that are held outdoors between the month of May and the month of September. The Music Festivals in Puglia last from a few days to over a month, depending on the festival and the period. Among the many musical genres covered by the festivals in Puglia, Folk, Pop, Rock, Electronic, Classical and Opera stand out.

The Music Festivals in Puglia host famous national and international artists in an atmosphere of joy, celebration and mutual respect.

The region is rich in scenic and historical wonders loved by citizens and appreciated by visitors. Beaches, countryside, trulli, farms, woods and wild nature make the region ideal for any type of holiday you want to do. This landscape ferment is made even more interesting by the numerous events that take place outdoors almost every day during the summer in the various villages of the region.

To music lovers, Puglia offers a true symphony of emotions and traditions in the name of good music and guaranteed fun.

The most important Music Festivals in Puglia during the summer are:

  • Medimex - International Festival & Music Conference
  • Locus Festival
  • Itria Valley Festival
  • Festambientesud
  • Hurray! Festival
  • Cinzella Festival
  • The Night of the Taranta

Medimex - International Festival & Music Conference

Puglia Music Festivals - Medimex

from 13 to 18 of June (Taranto)

The Medimex Festival is one of the most important musical events in Puglia and is held within the International Festival & Music Conference.

The Medimex, with its rich program of events, returns to fill the places and squares of Taranto, distinguishing itself as unique on the national scene.

During one busy week, you will have the opportunity to explore all aspects of the music world. You will be able to participate in three days of live, experiencing a true collective ritual. You will have the opportunity to daydream by participating in meetings, showcases and national previews. You will also be able to explore the music profession through panels and networking activities. And there will be the opportunity to write an idea in collaboration with music schools.

The Festival retraces what is the Puglia Region program for the development of the regional musical system with a series of events on various evenings. Live musical performances, screenings, meetings and exhibitions will be held in collaboration with the Pugliese Public Theater.

The leading artists of the Medimex Music Festival are:

  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds in Taranto on June 19th
  • The Chemical Brothers in Bari on July 14th

To accompany and celebrate the musical events of Medimex there will still be:

  • exhibition dedicated to Pink Floyd at MArTA (National Archaeological Museum of Taranto) from 16 to 17 July
  • photographic exhibition on Queen in Spazio Murat (Bari) from 13 July to 28 August

Table of events, meetings and concerts at Medimex 2023 in Taranto

14 June 2023, Wednesday10Lou Reed and Andy Warhol's New YorkBy ONO arte contemporanea
14 June 2023, Wednesday20:30-23:00New Jazz GenerationAldo di Caterino, Satoyama, Simone Basile Quintet, Michele Bonifati Emong, Daykoda
15 June 2023, Thursday10Musicarium - Recording & MixingTutor Marc Urselli
15 June 2023, Thursday10Medimex Music Factory 2023In collaboration with Sony Music Publishing Italy
15 June 2023, Thursday10Musicarium - Creating a podcast from scratchTutor Teo Filippo Cremonini and Gabriele Barett. By Rockit
15 June 2023, Thursday10Vintage Drum ShowAntonio Di Lorenzo Drum Collection
15 June 2023, Thursday10:30-13:00Musicarium - SoundTutor Antonio Porcelli
15 June 2023, Thursday10:30-13:00Musicarium - Live Show DesignTutor Carlo Pastore
15 June 2023, Thursday10:30-13:00Musicarium - - Live video for big eventsTutor Fabio dell'Anna
15 June 2023, Thursday10:30-13:00Musicarium - PhotographyTutor Giovanni Canitano
15 June 2023, Thursday20:30-23:30Puglia Sounds RecordVienna, Meschino, Lauryyn, Leea Clem, Rossana De Pace, Freud's Fraud, Salento All Stars, Macro, Trevor
15 June 2023, Thursday21:00-23:59the Rite, the Idea, the Craft and the DreamOriginal Opera by Roberto Santoro and Blending Pixels
16 June 2023, Friday20:30-23:00Diodato, Echo & the BunnymenOpening Act Larocca
17 June 2023, Saturday17Musicarium - Recording & MixingTutor Marc Urselli
17 June 2023, Saturday18Medimex Music Factory 2023In collaboration with Sony Music Publishing Italy
17 June 2023, Saturday18Musicarium - Creating a podcast from scratchTutor Teo Filippo Cremonini e Gabriele Barett. By Rockit
17 June 2023, Saturday21Skunk Anansie, The Murder CapitalOpening Act Red Room
17 June 2023, Saturday23:30-2:00Dr. Kiko - A MemorialStuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals)
18 June 2023, Sunday19Vintage Drum ShowAntonio Di Lorenzo Drum Collection
18 June 2023, Sunday21:00-23:59the Rite, the Idea, the Craft and the DreamOriginal Opera by Roberto Santoro and Blending Pixels
18 June 2023, Sunday20:30-23:00The Cult, Tom MorelloOpening Act Wepro
18 June 2023, Sunday23:30-2:00Dr. Kiko - A MemorialStuart Braithwaite (Mogwai), Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animals)
18 June 2023, Sunday19Lou Reed and Andy Warhol's New YorkBy ONO arte contemporanea

Locus Festival

Locus Festival in Puglia, Preview artists on stage with dates

from 27 June to 1 September (Locorotondo, Valle d'Itria, Egnazia, Bari, Trani and Taranto)

Under the banner of lightheartedness and summer joy, the Locus Festival resumes in the heart of Puglia.

A festival that has been held for many years now in Locorotondo, in the countryside of the Itria Valley, and in some prestigious places nearby.

The concerts will be held both in the wonderful round city and in the surrounding countryside and farms.

In particular, some concerts will be held in the streets of the historic center of Locorotondo, in the Ferragno Masseria, within the Archaeological Park of Egnazia, under the Bourbon Lighthouse of the port of Bari, in the vineyards of the Bocca di Lupo Estate, in the Angevin Castle and in Piazza Cathedral in the town of Trani.

The official program of the Locus Festival begins on June 27th, continues every weekend in July and thickens in the month of August until the last date on August 18th.

The festival continues with ExtraLocus Festival from August 18th to September 1st, the last date of the music festival with exhibitions continuing until September 4th.

Itria Valley Festival

Puglia Music Festivals - Valle d'Itria

from 19 July to 6 August (Martina Franca, Valle d'Itria)

Martina Franca, a municipality in the Valle d'Itria, opens its doors to classical music and opera artists with the Valle d'Itria Festival.

The Valle d'Itria Festival, the most important Opera and classical music event in Puglia, takes place every summer in Martina Franca. This extraordinary festival offers a series of spectacular concerts that last for more than a month. The enchanting city and the suggestive palaces, together with the surrounding countryside and farms, create a magical atmosphere for this musical celebration.

In 1974, the festival began as a laboratory, but today it is much more. It has transformed into an immersive experience that unites the audience, the content and the environment. To fully appreciate its beauty, you must experience the entire event and listen to the music in the buildings steeped in history and significance.

Visitors will be able to enjoy music, theater, cinema and meetings in the streets of the historic center of Martina Franca.

Shows Itria Valley Festival 2023 in Martina Franca

Here is the table with the shows on stage in Martina Franca this summer:

Tuesday 18 July21IL TURCO IN ITALIAPalazzo Ducale
Wednesday 19 July21L’ADORABLE BEL-BOULChiostro San Domenico
Thursday 20 July21L’ADORABLE BEL-BOULChiostro San Domenico
Friday 21 July21OPERA AL CINEMATeatro Verdi
Friday 21 July21IL CANTO DEGLI ULIVIMasseria Palesi (Martina Franca)
Saturday 22 July17CONCERTI DEL SORBETTOChiostro San Domenico
Saturday 22 July21L’ORAZIOTeatro Verdi
Sunday 23 July21IL CANTO DEGLI ULIVILeonardo Trulli Resort (Locorotondo)
Monday 24 July21CONCERTO PER LO SPIRITO (FREE!)Basilica San Martino
Tuesday 25 July21L’ORAZIOTeatro Verdi
Wednesday 26 July21IL PAESE DEI CAMPANELLIPalazzo Ducale
Thursday 27 July21RECITALPalazzo Ducale
Thursday 27 July21IL CANTO DEGLI ULIVIMasseria Casavola (Martina Franca)
Friday 28 July21IL PAESE DEI CAMPANELLIPalazzo Ducale
Saturday 29 July17CONCERTI DEL SORBETTOChiostro San Domenico
Saturday 29 July21CONCERTO SINFONICOPalazzo Ducale
Sunday 30 July-Annual conference of Europäische Musiktheater-Akademie (EMA)Martina Franca
Sunday 30 July21IL PAESE DEI CAMPANELLIPalazzo Ducale
Monday 31 July-Annual conference of Europäische Musiktheater Akademie (EMA)Martina Franca
Monday 31 July21IL CANTO DEGLI ULIVIMasseria Capece (Cisternino)
Tuesday 1 August21IL TURCO IN ITALIAPalazzo Ducale
Wednesday 2 August21GLI UCCELLATORITeatro Verdi
Thursday 3 August21MUSICAL BAND OF THE AIR FORCEPalazzo Ducale
Friday 4 August21IL TURCO IN ITALIAPalazzo Ducale
Saturday 5 August17CONCERTI DEL SORBETTOChiostro San Domenico
Saturday 5 August21GLI UCCELLATORITeatro Verdi
Sunday 6 August21IL TURCO IN ITALIAPalazzo Ducale


Puglia Music Festivals - FestAmbienteSud

from 13 July to 5 August (Vieste, Umbra Forest, Gargano)

The XIX edition of FestambienteSud, scheduled on the Gargano from 13 July to 5 August 2023, will have Water as its main theme. With the title "Arsura: Winning the planet's thirst", the Legambiente festival will address the critical crisis involving the vital resource through the use of multiple languages.

FestAmbienteSud is a music festival and a cultural event organized in Vieste, in the Gargano, which aims to sensitize visitors to the landscape and local nature.

Legambiente, a non-profit organization in defense of the environment, is organizing a music festival in the Gargano National Park in the name of enhancing the Apulian landscape and nature.

The festival will involve the main naturalistic and cultural sites of the southern Gargano area: woods, beaches, abbeys, sanctuaries, necropolis and underground sites will be the stage for musical and artistic events.

FestambienteSud on the Gargano in Puglia - Event poster

In addition to discussions and forums with writers and professionals, there will also be performances by contemporary artists to enrich the themes and stages.

The festival will stop in various locations, starting on 13 July in Rignano Garganico, continuing on 14 July in San Marco in Lamis and on 15 July in San Giovanni Rotondo.

Subsequently, from 20 to 22 July, it will move to Monte Sant'Angelo, while from 27 to 29 July the activities will be held in Mattinata.

Finally, the final stage will take place in Vieste, directed by Chiara Civello, from 31 July to 5 August.

Viva! Festival

Puglia Music Festivals - Viva!

vom 3. bis 6. August (Locorotondo, Egnazia, Fasano, Valle d'Itria)

The Viva! Festival, now in its seventh year, has enthusiastically announced its exceptional lineup. From 3 to 6 August, this renowned Apulian event will welcome some of the most prestigious and futuristic sets and live performances from the international scene to the splendid Valle D'Itria. The event will be a perfect summary of the best that can be found in high quality contemporary music.

The 18th-century courtyard of the Masseria Grofoleo and the ancient city of Egnazia will host Italian and international artists with their music at the Viva! Festival.


The festival will offer a program of original shows that will give life to one of the most fascinating areas of southern Italy: the suggestive Valle d'Itria. The performances will take place on the stage located in the wonderful Masseria Grofoleo in Locorotondo and on the magnificent beach of Cala Masciola in Savelletri near Fasano, which will transform into a unique setting for a dawn concert on Sunday 6 August.

Program 2023 Viva! Festival

  • 3 Nights: 3, 4, 5 August, Concerts and LIVE Music at the Arena Valle d'Itria (Contrada Grofoleo), Locorotondo
  • 1 Dawn: August 6, Concepts and LIVE Music on the beach.

Carpino in Folk

Puglia Music Festivals - Carpino in Folk

vom 5. bis 10. August in Carpino (Carpino, Gargano)

Das Carpino in Folk Festival umfasst eine ganze Woche Volksmusik aus aller Welt im Herzen des Gargano.

Vom 5. bis 10. August stehen international renommierte Künstler auf der Bühne.

Das Thema wird Musik als Umarmung zwischen verschiedenen Völkern feiern, die alle Kinder desselben Meeres sind.

Cinzella Festival

Puglia Music Festivals - Cinzella

from 15 July to 9 August (Cave di Fantiano, Brindisi, Salento)

The Cinzella music festival is held between the Fantiano quarries and the city of Brindisi.

Salento welcomes internationally renowned artists including Fask, The Zen Circus, Motta, Idles, Morcheeba (with an extra special evening on August 9th).

The Cinzella Festival was born as a wish for rebirth, among olive groves and music, for the entire province of Brindisi.

The Night of the Taranta

Puglia Music Festivals - La Notte della Taranta

27 August (Melpignano, Salento)

The Music Festival par excellence in Puglia is La Notte della Taranta, the symbolic event of local music and culture.

The festival takes its name from the traditional music and dance of Salento (the Taranta) and is dedicated to its enhancement and promotion in the world.

During the day international artists of various musical genres will perform (including rock, jazz and classical) and the evening will end with the great final concert of the artists of Salento music.

The event marks the final stage of weeks of traveling concerts for the leading group or the Popular Orchestra of the Notte della Taranta.

Every year the Orchestra is accompanied by musicians and masters among the biggest names in the contemporary musical scene: in recent years they have accompanied Ludovico Einaudi, Goran Bregovic, Stewart Copeland and Andrea Mirò.