Holidays in Puglia 2024 advices and itineraries

Updated at: 09-07-2024

Holidays in Puglia 2024 advices and itineraries

Are you thinking of vacationing in Puglia? Good choice! In this article you will find valuable tips to better enjoy your holidays in Puglia. Let's see immediately what are the best beaches and things to do for holidays in Puglia 2024.

Holidays in Puglia in 2024 are to be spent in the suggestive tourist villages on the sea, near the most beautiful beaches, and this year too Puglia is ready to offer the best it can offer to those who choose to spend their holidays in Puglia. Still at the top of the preferences of thousands of tourists all over the world, holidays in Puglia are the ideal destination for everyone.

Holidays in Puglia are particularly recommended for families with children, as Puglia offers kilometers of coastline with shallow beaches, beaches equipped with inflatables for children and many other services designed for families. All-inclusive holidays in Puglia, for families and organized groups, are a good way to enjoy holidays in Puglia in total relaxation.

Here are the best tips for your holidays in Puglia:

  • Plan well in which city to stay
  • Choose the period in which to leave
  • Take part in guided tours
  • Book boat excursions
  • Make food and wine experiences

The ideal holidays in Puglia begin by choosing the city in which to stay. This depends on what you will be able to see, especially if you do not stop for more than a week. You should make a travel plan in line with the type of vacation you are interested in.

Holidays in Puglia 2024: where to stay?

Plan well in which city to stay.

As we said it is important to plan well the city in which you will stay. In all the cities of Puglia there are many hotels, B & Bs or holiday homes that you can book. Our advice is to find accommodation close to the places you choose to visit. This will allow you to easily get to the beach or the most beautiful places to visit and you will be able to avoid traffic. Puglia has excellent roads, but in some summer periods the traffic is heavy.

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What are the best areas of Puglia to stay in?

The main areas of Puglia, where we recommend you to stay, are those that are concentrated around the main cities:

  • Lecce
  • Brindisi
  • Taranto
  • Bari
  • Foggia

If you choose to stay in one of these cities it will be very easy to move around to visit the surroundings. The center of each city is well connected with the neighboring areas. Depending on the area in which you choose to stay, you can visit the nearby towns and villages.

Last Minute Puglia

Another advice we can give you is to take advantage of Last Minute offers. If you haven't been able to book your holiday well in advance, don't worry!

Many, for many reasons, cancel their vacation at the last moment. For this reason the structures offer last minute holiday offers at super advantageous prices. If you want to find out what are the last minute offers in Puglia, we recommend that you consult the post Last Minute Puglia

Holidays in Puglia 2024: When to go to Puglia?

The best months to leave for a holiday in Puglia are: June, July and September.

In these months you will find a perfect climate that will allow you to enjoy the sea and not too crowded on the streets and beaches. In the month of August, however, you may find a little confusion.

Cruises to Puglia Italy

Taking part in guided tours - a practical tip for your holiday in Puglia

Taking part in guided tours is definitely one of the tips to follow if you are on holiday in Puglia.

The first way to enjoy your holidays in Puglia is to rely on local tourist guides. Puglia has a very ancient history and guided tours will help you discover the culture of the place.

You will find many guided tours to discover the history of the most beautiful cities in Puglia. Puglia has many castles and villages that are worth visiting.

Among the tips to follow: boat trips

Go on boat excursions, especially if you are in the southernmost part of Puglia. You can rent a boat with a tour guide driver and make excursions to the caves. Starting from a southern point you will be able to see the caves located on the Ionian and Adriatic.

Holidays In Puglia 2024: Wine and food in Puglia: making food and wine experiences

If you are on holiday in Puglia you cannot help but participate in food and wine experiences. In many cities of Puglia you will find food and wine tours to try the typical cuisine.

Puglia is famous for good food and good wine. During your holiday in Puglia you absolutely must try the typical local cuisine, and do some tasting of the best Apulian wines.

Holidays in Puglia: General advice.

To get an idea of โ€‹โ€‹which are the most beautiful places for holidays in Puglia, continue on the following articles.

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These are some of our best tips to follow if you want to leave for your holidays in Puglia. For more useful information about holidays in Puglia, keep following us!