Marina di Lizzano - one of the best beaches to visit in Taranto

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Marina di Lizzano - one of the best beaches to visit in Taranto

Marina di Lizzano is a seaside resort in the province of Taranto. In Marina di Lizzano you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia. The sea at the shores of Marina di Lizzano is limpid and crystalline, a feature common to the other beaches in the area of โ€‹โ€‹the side bathed by the Ionian Sea.

The town of Marina di Lizzano Taranto is populated in the summer. It is a popular summer tourist destination. The coast overlooks the Ionian Sea. And it stretches for about 7 km.

How is the beach of Marina di Lizzano?

Marina di Lizzano has wide beaches. Free beaches alternate with equipped beaches. The sand is fine and clear.

The sea is clear and crystalline, especially when the north wind blows.

You will find beaches surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub. You will especially notice plants such as red juniper.

The whole coast of Taranto mare is beautiful. Always crystal clear and clean sea.

What are the best beaches in Marina di Lizzano?

The best beaches in Marina di Lizzano are:

  • Marina di Lizzano beach
  • Conca del sole beach
  • Ultima spiaggia beach
  • La spiaggetta club beach
  • Torretta beach
  • Onda blu beach

If you want to discover a bit of the history of Puglia, we recommend that you visit the many farms that are located on the coast of Marina di Lizzano.

These are rural buildings that in ancient times were used as homes. You will find some fortified farms dating back to the medieval period.

If you are looking for a place to sleep in marina di Lizzano Taranto, you will find several hotels and B & Bs where you can stay.

So you will have the opportunity to move around and visit the most beautiful attractions of Taranto.

Marina di Lizzano mare is a pearl of Puglia. Beautiful sea and wonderful colors. If you are on holiday in Puglia you must visit the beaches of Lizzano.

Taranto mare is a must to see in Puglia.

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Marina di Lizzano reviews

The reviews for Marina di Lizzano are totally positive, users express appreciation for the crystal clear sea and define the beaches of Marina di Lizzano comparable to those of the Caribbean.

Always very positive reviews also regarding the beaches of Marina di Lizzano, which appear to be organized and inclusive of every comfort.

The cuisine offered by the beaches of Marina di Lizzano is also very popular, users report that they have eaten well and spent in the normal way.