Masseria Torre Coccaro, Italy Puglia - Top Reviews and Booking

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Masseria Torre Coccaro, Italy Puglia - Top Reviews and Booking

Everything you need to know about Masseria Torre Coccaro

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  • Booking
  • Where is it
  • Restaurant
  • Rooms
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  • Marriage

What is Masseria Torre Coccaro

Masseria Torre Coccaro is a farm whose history is strongly linked to the sixteenth century. In ancient times the tower was used as a defense. Like all the other towers located on the Adriatic, they were used to defend themselves from the Saracens. Today it has been renovated and houses one of the most important 5-star resorts in Puglia.

It stands near an impressive cultivation of olive trees, carob trees and almonds. It is located very close to the sea and is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of dishes. From pasta to pizza, all courses are of the highest quality.

The restaurant has rooms for guests wishing to stay overnight. The rooms are equipped with televisions, private bathrooms and all the comforts of the category. The restaurant and rooms have been restored to ensure maximum comfort and luxury.

Masseria Torre Coccaro: Booking

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Where is Masseria Torre Coccaro located?

Masseria Torre Coccaro is located in Puglia, in Savelletri, in the Province of Brindisi.

How to get to Masseria Torre Coccaro

If, on the other hand, you are already traveling, the google map link may be useful to reach the Masseria.

How to reach the farm coming from the state road that connects Bari to Brindisi? Just take the Savelletri exit and follow the road signs.

Dove si trova Masseria Torre Coccaro

Masseria Torre Coccaro: Restaurant

Ristorante Masseria Torre Coccaro

The restaurant of the Masseria Torre Coccaro is very elegant. This is a very high-class place, one of the most luxurious in the province.

The Restaurant of the Masseria Torre Coccaro offers the best dishes of the typical cuisine. Each course is a specialty and is unique in terms of taste and presentation of the dishes.

The restaurant is always available for guests staying overnight in the Masseria. For those wishing to book a dinner or lunch, they can do so by booking.

The restaurant of Masseria Torre Coccaro is chosen by many married couples. Torre Coccaro, in fact, is the ideal place for weddings and important events in general.

Restaurants Masseria Torre Coccaro

  • Ristorante Gastronomico Egnathia
  • Ristorante Cabana with pool and grill
  • Beach club with fish restaurant
  • Coccaro Beach Club

Masseria Torre Coccaro: Rooms

Camere Masseria Torre Coccaro

The rooms of the Masseria Torre Coccaro are large and bright. Like everything in this property, the rooms are also luxurious and the services impeccable.

Types of rooms available at Masseria Torre Coccaro:

  • Suite with Pool
  • Junior Suite
  • Camera Deluxe
  • Camera Superior

Summary table of Masseria Torre Coccaro rooms

Room Type Room name Pool Luxury
Suite Suite Carrubo con piscina Yes Yes
Suite Suite Jasmine con piscina Yes Yes
Villa 2 Camere con piscina riscaldata Yes Yes
Suite Suite Grotta Bianca con piscina Yes Yes
Suite Suite Ulivo con piscina Yes Yes
Suite Suite Aranceto con piscina Yes Yes
Suite Suite della Torre No Yes
Suite Suite della chiesa con piscina Yes Yes
Junior Suite Junio suite nella torre No Yes

Masseria Torre Coccaro: Prices

The prices of this structure are adequate and appropriately related to the service offered. The quality of service offered by this property is definitely superb.

Services available to guests of the Masseria Torre Coccaro

  • Shop with the "Box of taste"
  • Overnight in suites and luxury rooms
  • 4 Restaurants
  • Exclusive beach for guests (Coccaro Beach)

What to do in Masseria Torre Coccaro

  • Pool
  • Golf Club
  • Sail
  • Yatch
  • Trekking
  • Horse Riding
  • Children's paradise with entertainment and animation activities
  • Lessons again for children
  • Tours by Vespa or with Vintage cars
  • Piano Lessons
  • Tennis, with private lessons and matches
  • Bike rides and tours with stops and tasting of food and wine products.
  • Local wine tasting
  • Photography and painting courses
  • Language courses
  • Cooking school

List of products from the Masseria Torre Coccaro shop

  • Apulian Aperitif
  • Sweets and Breakfast
  • Jams
  • Oil
  • Pasta
  • Liqueurs