The most beautiful beaches of Monopoli

Updated at: 09-07-2024

The most beautiful beaches of Monopoli

In this article you will find out which are the most beautiful beaches in Monopoli, in this way you can organize your 2022 summer holiday in Puglia.

The coast road that connects to Capitolo from Monopoli is characterized by wonderful beaches with a very beautiful sea.

There are many small bays that follow one another and that make Monopoli beaches a popular destination.

If you are wondering which are the best beaches to see in Monopoli, here is the answer:

Monopoli beaches:

  • Cala Verde
  • Cala Cerasa
  • Cala Sottile
  • Cala Paradiso
  • Cala Porta Vecchia
  • Cala Susca
  • Spiaggia di Capitolo
  • Porto Marzano
  • Lido Colonia
  • Lido Le Macchie

Cala Verde

Cala Verde Monopoli Cala Verde Monopoli

Cale Verde is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Monopoli. This small beach of Monopoli is enclosed between two walls of rocks, which are able to contain the winds. In fact, in most cases, the sea is calm.

You will find the sea a little rough only with the Levant wind.

The beach is suitable for children, in fact calm, clean sea and shallow waters are the main characteristics of Cala Verde.

This Monopoli beach is free and private. There is no possibility to rent an umbrella or deck chairs, you can settle down with your towel and enjoy the sun and relaxation that Cala Verde will offer you.

How to get to cala verde

To get to Cala Verde you will have to travel all over Monopoli. This beach, in fact, is the last beach before arriving in Capitolo.

You can easily reach the beach by car following the road signs. You will then find a parking space before arriving at this beautiful cove.

Cala Cerasa

Cala Cerasa

Cala Cerasa beach is a small natural and rocky cove.

The sea of ​​this beach in Monopoli reaches the turquoise color, characteristic of the whole coast of Monopoli.

Here you can rent a sunbed and umbrella and relax in complete tranquility.

Services in Cala Cerasa

In Cala Cerasa you can take advantage of a series of services. Here are which ones:

  • Reserved parking
  • Rental of deck chairs, sun beds and umbrellas
  • Food area: A common area where you can consume food and drinks
  • Bar
  • Showers available to each customer
  • Locker rooms
  • Free WIFI

Events in Cala Cerasa - Monopoli

Cala cerasa is known because some events are organized on the beach.

Happy hours are usually organized on Saturdays and Sundays with music on the beach. On Tuesday, however, there is the evening of the cover bands.

Cala Sottile

Cala Sottile Monopoli

Cala Sottile beach is the most popular beach for the inhabitants of Monopoli.

The reason lies in its hidden and isolated position. This beautiful beach in Monopoli can be reached by walking along a dirt road that surrounds Camping Santo Stefano.

This wonderful cove is surrounded by nature. You will also find a pine forest with beautiful shade space.

The beach is very small but the sea, as in all the beaches of Monopoli, is splendid.

Our advice is not to go to the beach during rush hour, as you can find it very crowded.

Cala Paradiso

Cala Paradiso Monopoli

The Cala Paradiso beach is located south of Monopoli, is made up of a few stretches of free beach and a large part of bathing establishments. It is a bay surrounded by rocks, the sea is clear and the seabed is sandy.

This beach in Monopoli is suitable for families.

Cala Paradiso beach is easily accessible by car from the city center and you can leave your car in the large parking lot before the beach. It is also possible to reach the beach thanks to the public transport that connects Cala Paradiso to the center of Monopoli.

The bathing establishments of Cala Paradiso offer the possibility of practicing sports.

You can take courses in volleyball, swimming and five-a-side football or participate in basketball, beach volleyball and football tournaments. If you love sports, surely this is the right beach for you.

Cala Porta Vecchia

Cala Porta Vecchia Monopoli

Cala Porta Vecchia is part of the beaches of Monopoli, is located near the defensive walls of the sixteenth century, right inside the town. This makes Cala Porta Vecchia beach an excellent choice for those who do not want to move from Monopoli. The sea of ​​Cala Porta Vecchia beach is characterized by mainly sandy bottom and not very deep waters, this makes Cala Porta Vecchia in Monopoli the ideal beach for families.

Cala Susca

Cala Susca

Cala Susca is a beautiful beach, characterized by a sandy bottom and by the presence of some rocks a few steps from the shore on which it is a pleasure to sit and cool off from time to time with the spray of some waves.

Cala Susca

Cala Susca is an ideal beach for families and groups. The beach near Cala Susca is equipped with various comforts, including sunbeds and umbrellas placed on a wooden structure that allows you not to get dirty with sand once the swimming activities are over.

Capitolo beach

Spiaggia di Capitolo Monopoli

The beaches of Capitolo, better known as Calette del Capitolo, are part of the free beaches of Monopoli. The Calette del Capitolo are visited by many tourists and are often very crowded. However, despite the crowds, you can find a comfortable space for the family. The advice is to arrive at the beach very early in the morning, to be able to choose the best spot.

How is the sea in Monopoli?

The coast of Monopoli is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the  area. 15 kilometers of coastline south from Bari alternating between sandy and rocky beaches. An alternation of beautiful coves with a clear, clean and crystalline sea.

The sea of ​​Monopoli has repeatedly received the “blue flag” and “Lega Ambiente” recognition, which make us understand the wonder of these beaches.

The north and central coasts of the city are characterized by low and jagged cliffs, with an alternation of beautiful coves and inlets. In the southern part, towards Capitolo, however, you will also find beaches with stretches of fine sand.

These that we have listed are just some of the most beautiful beaches in Monopoli.

During your 2022 holiday in Monopoli, you will discover that the whole coast offers beautiful beaches and bays, where you can relax and have fun.

Masserie near the beaches of Monopoli

After a morning by the sea among the most beautiful beaches of Monopoli, I recommend you not to miss the food and wine experiences offered by the Masserie in Monopoli.

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