Porto Miggiano

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Porto Miggiano

Porto Miggiano is a fishing village located in the wonderful Salento, towards the tip of Puglia. It is part of the territory of Santa Cesarea Terme, one of the most famous tourist destinations thanks to the beautiful beaches and known for being home to natural springs. The town of Porto Miggiano is inhabited only in the summer for its beautiful sea, which will give you a dream vacation. The beach of the hundred steps is hidden inside an inlet of Porto Miggiano.

porto miggiano beach

The Beach of the 100 Steps or the Bay of Porto Miggiano

It is called Spiaggia dei 100 Scalini because in order to get to the small beach you will have to walk a few steps.

To reach the Bay of Porto Miggiano, therefore, you will have to walk the hundred concrete steps that will allow you to get to the bottom of the small beach (be careful, as you may find the access closed by bars due to the danger of collapsing).

Once you reach the Bay of Porto Miggiano you will find yourself in a paradise.

You will see in front of you a breathtaking landscape, an emerald green sea and a high cliff around. In short, wonderful landscape and unspoiled nature are the characteristics of this beautiful beach in Puglia.

There is no doubt: you will have wonderful memories of your 2022 holiday in Puglia.

How is the sea of ​​Porto Miggiano beach?

In the Porto Miggiano beach you will find a clear sea and crystalline waters.

You will feel like you are in a real Caribbean paradise. The landscape you will see will be spectacular.

If you move away from the coast, by swimming or by boat, you will see that the coast will become rocky.

You will thus be able to discover caves to explore or rocks from which to dive.

porto miggiano sea

Porto Miggiano what to do

Here's what to do in Porto Miggiano:

  • Relaxing bath and long swims
  • Diving from the rocks
  • Underwater fishing
  • Boat excursions
  • Visit of the caves with a guide
  • Snorkeling

Porto Miggiano what to see

After visiting the beach of Porto Miggiano you can go and observe the imposing tower.

The territory of Porto Miggiano is crossed by a lot of history, the bay is in fact protected by an imposing tower, of which we have news since 500.

The tower has been renovated over the years and you can admire it in all its beauty.

In more ancient times, Torre Miggiano not only protected both fishermen who docked with their boats but also served as a sighting function for the invasions of the Saracens.

The Tower testifies to the importance that Porto Miggiano has had over time.

Porto Miggiano beach how to get there

Porto Miggiano beach is just a few minutes drive from Santa Cesarea Terme.

It is also possible to reach the bay from the small port of Porto Miggiano.

Here you can rent a pedal boat and arrive by sea to the small beach, in this way you will have the opportunity to enjoy all the wonders that this sea can offer you.

If you have decided to leave for your holiday in Puglia by plane, we recommend that you choose to land at Brindisi airport.

From Brindisi you can take the train to Lecce, and from Lecce you will have to take the train to Poggiardo until you get to Santa Cesarea Terme.

This is the closest town to Porto Miggiano, which you can reach by taking a bus.

However, the most convenient choice could be to rent a car already at the airport so as not to have any difficulties.

So, you are thinking of spending your 2022 holiday in Puglia in this article you have just read information on the 100 Steps Beach, also called Baia di Miggiano.

For a dream holiday in Puglia 2022, the beach of Porto Miggiano is certainly one of the most beautiful places you will see.