Porto Selvaggio Puglia: one of the most beautiful beaches in Salento

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Porto Selvaggio Puglia: one of the most beautiful beaches in Salento

In this article you will discover the beautiful beach of Porto Selvaggio. If you want to plan your 2022 holiday in Puglia, you must know that salento is a wonderful place. Porto Selvaggio is definitely one of the places not to be missed during your summer 2022.

Porto Selvaggio is a beach located in Nardò, in the province of Lecce. The beach is one of the best known and is visited by many tourists every year. It is characterized by rocks and pebbles. Porto Selvaggio beach is located within the natural park area, a protected area.

porto selvaggio beach

Porto Selvaggio: wonderful beach in Salento

The Porto Selvaggio beach in Nardò is surrounded by a pine forest, here you will find a path that will take you directly to the beach in 20 minutes.

The pine forest extends for about 270 hectares and surrounds the beach.

You will be fascinated by the wonderful landscape that this Puglia will offer you.

How is the sea in Porto Selvaggio?

The sea of ​​Porto Selvaggio is limpid, clean and crystalline. Porto Selvaggio is a rocky beach.

This beautiful beach of Nardò is characterized by water that is very cold in some places.

This is due to the fresh water springs that end up in the sea.

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What to do in Porto Selvaggio?

If you are on a beach holiday in Porto Selvaggio and you are wondering what to do, here is the answer:

In addition to relaxing on the beach, in Porto Selvaggio you can go on numerous excursions.

The park of Porto Selvaggio, in fact, is full of paths that you can take on your own.

If you are fit you will be able to reach the Tower of Santa Maria, from here you can admire a wonderful panorama.

How to get to Porto Selvaggio

If you are traveling by car it will be easy to reach the beach by following the road signs.

Once you arrive near the beach of Porto Selvaggio in Nardò, you will find a parking lot near the pine forest.

The cost of parking is around 3 euros for the whole day.

If you want to travel by public transport, you can easily reach the beach of Porto Selvaggio thanks to the bus number 104, which leaves from the nearby towns: Porto Cesareo, Gallipoli and Lecce.

porto selvaggio beach

Curiosity: why is it called Porto Selvaggio?

This area of ​​Salento, in more ancient times has been invaded many times by pirates, who plundered the localities located on the coast, hence the name of Porto Selvaggio.

Porto Selvaggio is a perfect place in Puglia where you can spend your 2022 holiday.

You can experience moments of tranquility and relaxation or you can venture into the wonderful natural park.