Best time to visit Puglia [Practical Advice]

Updated at: 17-04-2024

Best time to visit Puglia [Practical Advice]

If you are wondering what is the best time to visit Puglia without any doubt the best time to visit Puglia is summer.

As known, Puglia remains among the most popular destinations for summer holidays. Both for Italians and for tourists who come to appreciate the beautiful beaches.

(Many of these beaches recognized as Blue Flag.
(i.e. recognized as beaches that gots specific quality criteria)
(Among these: waters with very high quality parameters, services, cleanliness)

What is the best time of summer to visit Puglia?

It depends a lot on the type of experience you want to do, on your age and expectations.

Relaxing holiday

June is the better period if you want to spend holidays in Puglia with your family. Especially if your expectation are to discover beaches not crowded.

Because to the large number of tourists who choose Puglia as a holiday destination in the summer. In the early June period, if you are lucky, you can also find yourself being able to plant your umbrella in one of the wonderful natural coves and be completely alone in total relaxation.
The continuous increase in the flow of tourists in the periods following June implies the difficulty in finding available services and often one finds oneself having to give up visiting something because it is full.

Puglia extreme 🔥

The period in which the greatest presence of tourists is August.
The highways that lead to Puglia and the state roads that connect the various Apulian provinces are full of tourists who in turns, on a weekly basis, travel through Puglia to visit and discover the its wonders. Added to this are the locals who go on vacation for the most part in the period of August.

Accessing some services like accommodations, if not booked in advance is going to be hard.
(Especially in the week between 10 and 20 August)

Best time to visit Puglia

Considering that whatever will be the best time for you to visit Puglia, and whatever time you decide to visit it, it will still be a fantastic experience that you will remember for a lifetime.
The period we recommend included between the first two weeks of July from 1 to 15, if you love relax, in this period you will still be lucky enough to find fantastic places that are not too crowded and more certainty of being able to access the services.

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