Punta Prosciutto, What to do and see in Punta Prosciutto

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Punta Prosciutto, What to do and see in Punta Prosciutto

If you are planning a trip to Puglia and want to experience spending a holiday in an environment with a tropical flavor, then we recommend that you visit Punta Prosciutto in Salento.

Punta Prosciutto is a seaside resort located in the municipality of Porto Cesareo, on the northern border of the province of Lecce with Taranto, on the Ionian Sea. The locality is famous for the dunes that follow the long white sand beach and takes its name from the beach in front, or the beach of Punta Prosciutto.

The fantastic beaches of the area extend for kilometres, between San Pietro in Bevagna to the north and Torre Lapillo to the south, and are flanked by large secular dunes rich in vegetation and fauna. Punta Prosciutto beach is a few kilometers north of Porto Cesareo and south of Torre Colimena or Campomarino di Maruggio.

At Punta Prosciutto you can spend a holiday in a place of unspoiled nature, with the coast with beaches from the Caribbean sea. You will be pampered by the hospitality of the inhabitants, who offer services to visitors with the professionalism and quality that distinguishes the inhabitants of the area, in order to make your stay an unforgettable moment of your trip to Puglia.

Punta Prosciutto Beach

Punta Prosciutto, free beach with a view of the dunes towards the south

Punta Prosciutto is a beach more than 2 km long, with lush dunes along the coast, which occupies the coastal stretch of the whole town of Punta Prosciutto. About 80% of it is a beach freely accessible to the public, while the remaining 20% is occupied by lidos that offer services to bathers.

The beach and the lidos at Punta Prosciutto are open to the public during most of the year but are mainly frequented during the summer period, especially between June and August.

To be able to enjoy the Punta Prosciutto beach in total tranquility during the summer, some go to the beach early in the morning or at sunset. In this way they will be sure to find a place in the most beautiful free areas of the beach, even in the high season, and will be able to admire the most beautiful colors in the mildest temperatures of the day.

The dune area near Punta Prosciutto is characterized by areas that give rise to brackish water lakes surrounded by the pristine nature of the Mediterranean scrub, which give the Punta Prosciutto beach a unique wild charm.

Punta Prosciutto What to Do

Punta Prosciutto

Punta Prosciutto is one of the most renowned seaside resorts of Salento, on the Ionian Sea, for the exceptional characteristics of the territory and for the offer of attractions and services that it offers as a whole to visitors.

The territory of Punta Prosciutto offers tourists a vaguely tropical environment that makes their stay optimal and pleasant thanks to a combination of factors: the fine white sand like talcum powder, the transparent waters, the high coastal dunes dotted with the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub.

Things to do in Punta Prosciutto are:

  • enjoy the caribbean sea
  • visit the Tenuta del Conte Regional Nature Reserve
  • day on the Tenuta del Conte beach in the reserve
  • visit the ancient Salina Monaci and the Nature Reserve
  • enjoy the beach of Salina Monaci
  • take advantage of the hospitality of the citizens

The quality and supply of excellent services to tourists in Punta Prosciutto, in both driving sectors of the local economy, i.e. agriculture and tourism, has been growing in recent decades. The services offered at Punta Prosciutto are due to the will and action of the administration, with the cooperation and collaboration of all citizens, to preserve their history and their territory.

Thanks to the collective commitment, the survival of the territorial, historical and naturalistic characteristics of the area is ensured, offering visitors the best they can get by visiting Punta Prosciutto.

Punta Prosciutto What to See

Punta Prosciutto beach, aerial view of the beach and the tip

The things to see in Punta Prosciutto are:

  • Tower of Punta Prosciutto
  • Punta Prosciutto beach
  • Tenuta del Conte Nature Reserve
  • Dunes of Punta Prosciutto
  • Dunes of the Tenuta del Conte Nature Reserve
  • Tenuta del Conte Nature Reserve Beach

Punta Prosciutto is renowned for its Caribbean beach close to the coastal dunes and the Mediterranean scrub that characterizes much of the coast of the territory.

Punta Prosciutto has managed to preserve much of the coastal territory, maintaining what are the coastal areas dominated by dunes, Mediterranean scrub and lakes, managing to create a strong balance between maintaining the coastal and inland natural areas, which surround the locality, and the ever growing demand from visitors from all over the world, who flock to the center especially during the summer months.

The inhabitants have managed to enhance the coastal part of the territory, preserving its ancient towers, the natural beaches surmounted by dunes and surrounded by Mediterranean scrub, allowing its development and at the same time its enhancement.

In recent decades Punta Prosciutto has seen a development in its economic fabric thanks to the explosion of the economy linked to tourism which has gone beyond that linked to agriculture, which represented the main economy of the area.

Punta Prosciutto beach services

Punta Prosciutto, lido with services on the beach

The lidos on the beach of Punta Prosciutto offer the highest quality services from which visitors can best enjoy their stay on the beach and where to find refuge in the hottest hours of hot summer days.

The beaches in Punta Prosciutto are located on the Caribbean with a crystalline sea and allow customers to use their services in the cool of the verandas, inside the buildings and on the beach in front of the lido.

Among the services offered by the lidos on the beach of Punta Prosciutto there are services for bathers such as: sunbeds, umbrellas, catering, bars, entertainment, boat rental, swimming lessons, sailing courses, boat trips and other services related to activities on the sea and on the Ionian coast near Punta Prosciutto.

Punta Prosciutto Beach: White sand and crystal clear water

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Punta Prosciutto beach is located in the north-west of the province of Lecce, on the Salento peninsula.

The beach is characterized by dunes up to eight meters high, white sand and crystal clear seabed.

The seabed is shallow and slopes gently and is therefore also suitable for families with children.

On a slightly windy day the clear water disappears under your gaze and you will be able to see the seabed even at a height of several meters.

The beach can be reached from the road mainly via wooden walkways.

The beaches are mainly reached by car or public transport.

The use of the beach is free and you can practice various water sports.

Punta Prosciutto Marine nature reserve

The dunes of Punta Prosciutto are part of the Regional Nature Reserve of the Palude del Conte and the Coastal Dune, which covers an area of 898 hectares.

Behind the dunes is the wetland of the Serra degli Angeli.

The Municipality of Porto Cesareo also includes the Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo which with 16,654 hectares is the third largest in Italy.

The Marine Protected Area of Porto Cesareo extends over three protected areas and 32 kilometers of coastline, between Porto Cesareo and Nardò.

Like most of the beaches on the Ionian coast of Puglia, Punta Prosciutto is a true paradise.

Clear waters and fine sand guarantee a pleasant day.

Punta Prosciutto, between Torre Colimena and Torre Lapillo

Punta Prosciutto beach map, between Torre Colimena and Torre Lapillo

On the coast, over the centuries, numerous fortified towers were built many of which have survived to this day.

Punta Prosciutto is located between Torre Colimena to the west and Torre Lapillo to the east.

Both Torre Colimena and Torre Lapillo were built by Charles V to protect himself from the Ottoman invaders.

Both towers, and the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds them, can be visited on foot excursions.

How is the sea in Punta Prosciutto?

The sea and the beach of Punta Prosciutto

The sea at Punta Prosciutto is transparent and, thanks to the beach and the seabed of very fine light sand, it allows us to clearly see the seabed even in depth. Punta Prosciutto beach is definitely among the most beautiful in Salento.

From the point of view of the quality of the sea, Punta Prosciutto is definitely one of the recommended beaches if you are near Porto Cesareo.

Continuing from Punta Prosciutto along the coast to the south, you will come across some of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia, including Torre Lapillo.

What is the most beautiful beach in Punta Prosciutto?

The most beautiful beach in Punta Prosciutto is Spiaggia del Conte.

Located near the marsh and nature reserve of the same name, Spiaggia del Conte is the ideal beach for families with children and is the most visited among the beaches of Punta Prosciutto even outside.

Where to go to the sea in Punta Prosciutto?

The beaches of Punta Prosciutto are ideal for those who love free beaches, there is no prevalence of equipped beaches, (although it is possible to find several by walking towards Torre Lapillo).

Access to beaches of Punta Prosciutto is free for everyone and it is possible to position yourself with your own umbrella and spend a pleasant day in nature in Punta Prosciutto.

Why is it called Punta Prosciutto?

The beach takes the name of Punta Prosciutto due to the shape of one of the cliffs in front of the beach which resembles that of a ham.

This prompted the local population to give the beach the name of Punta Prosciutto.

Excursions to Lecce

Punta Prosciutto is just 40 kilometers from the provincial capital Lecce.

Normally, the hottest hours are spent at the sea and the coolest hours are spent visiting the Baroque city par excellence, Lecce.

Lecce is famous for its rich Baroque architecture in local tuff and also known as the "Florence of the South" with its unique style called Barocco Leccese.

The best example of Lecce Baroque is the Cathedral of Santa Croce, with its particularly ornate facade, bell tower and numerous sculptures.

Lecce can be reached from Punta Prosciutto via the SP359 in about 45 minutes by car.