San Pietro in Bevagna: tips for the best beaches in Taranto

Updated at: 25-03-2024

San Pietro in Bevagna: tips for the best beaches in Taranto

Puglia is full of beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea. If you are on holiday in Puglia we recommend that you visit the Taranto area. One of the best beaches in Taranto is San Pietro in Bevagna.

San Pietro in Bevagna beach

The beach of San Pietro in Bevagna is located along the coast of Manduria, near Taranto.

They are 15km of coastline, with mainly sandy beaches and a few rocky stretches. You will find a clear sea with shallow water for many stretches.

The main feature is the long stretch of sand. Perfect for families but also for those looking for comfort.

You can take walks on the water's edge and enjoy the sun of Puglia. You will find various bars on the beach and some equipped lidos.

You will find one of the most beautiful seas in Puglia. This Taranto beach offers a crystalline sea surrounded by the green of nature.

Among the main attractions is the Chidro River. It is 10km long and is the most important river in Salento. It is located in a rocky stretch.

The river meets the waters of the sea and creates a wonderful landscape.

If you are interested in a cultural visit, we recommend the church of San Pietro in Bevagna.

The rock church is set in a medieval tower, near the beach. The church is characterized by neo-Gothic elements.

It was built to be able to preserve the relics of St. Peter. It is said, in fact, that the apostle Peter landed here in the first century AD.

The name of the place is due to him.

The sea of โ€‹โ€‹San Pietro in Bevagna has given us back one of the most important archaeological finds.

We are talking about the king's sarcophagi. If you love diving you can discover this treasure.

There are 23 sarcophagi and are located 5 meters deep. Studies revealed that in 1800 a lapidary ship was wrecked in San Pietro in Bevagna.

No trace remained of the ship, but the 23 sarcophagi are the remains of the cargo that this ship was carrying.

Where to park in San Pietro in Bevagna ?

If you are by car it will be easy to reach the town by following the road signs. You can leave your car in the streets of the town.

There are car parks bordered by blue lines, for a fee, very close to the beaches.

If you are thinking of a holiday in Puglia, you cannot miss San Pietro in Bevagna. One of the most beautiful beaches in Taranto.

What are you waiting for? Plan your holidays 2022 to Puglia, you will have many wonderful places to see, to live and to enjoy.