Santa Caterina Salento

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Santa Caterina Salento

Santa Caterina Puglia: Visit to the seaside town of Santa Caterina di Nardò

Santa Caterina is a seaside resort a few kilometers from Nardò (7 to be precise) in the province of Lecce, nestled between two towers, Torre Santa Caterina and Torre Dell'Alto. The Marina di Nardò is characterized by a rocky coast and by only a small sandy beach. Santa Caterina, in fact, is easily reachable from Santa Maria al Bagno, crossing the Aspide Promontory which separates the two sea places.

Santa Caterina Beach

Santa Caterina Beach

The splendid seafront of Santa Caterina is characterized by a purely rocky coast, with small sandy coves interspersed with rocks and natural ravines, surrounded by a lush hilly landscape.

The main beach in the center of Santa Caterina, Torre Santa Caterina, is characterized by rock formations that form a sort of staircase that plunges into the sea. The sand is clear and fine, clearly visible through the crystal clear waters that bathe it.

The beach is small but well served with a lido that offers cabins and bathing services to visitors.

How is the sea in Santa Caterina

rocky coast in Santa Caterina

The rocky coast and the crystal clear water of Santa Caterina are fertile ground for different varieties of marine plants and animals.

In fact, in addition to the beaches and lidos, visitors can practice many activities at sea.

The small port of Santa Caterina is the favorite choice of diving and snorkeling enthusiasts: diving can be done directly from a boat but most users prefer to descend from the rocks or dive into the sea from one of the nearby coves. It is the favorite destination of all those who love diving, especially snorkeling.

Santa Caterina what to see

Santa Caterina what to see

Santa Caterina is historically a defensive outpost against the attacks and raids of the Saracens on the Salento coast during the sixteenth century.

Two Towers, built to guard the territory, were built in Santa Caterina to protect the treasures of the town and the territory.

Very close to Santa Caterina you will find one of the most suggestive seaside resorts in the area, Porto Selvaggio.

The beaches of Porto Selvaggio are suitable for all visitors, thanks to the crystalline and shallow water for many meters, and dense depths of rich marine vegetation.

One of the favorite destinations for visitors is the Lido Beija Flor, built next to the marina with a wooden platform resting on the rocks to accommodate visitors and bathers.

The lido offers guests excellent cocktails and a kitchen that prepares delicious dishes and snacks in an ideal space in which to relax until sunset.