Selva di Fasano: The wonderful balcony on the east

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Selva di Fasano: The wonderful balcony on the east

 Fasano is a city that is part of the province of Brindisi and marks the clear boundary between Salento and the Land of Bari.

Selva di Fasano, also called "The Italian balcony on the East", overlooks an area full of trulli and caves about 400 meters above sea level. La Selva is characterized by a Mediterranean flora rich in oaks, cypresses and pines. In the Selva di Fasano there are also: firs, poplars, cherry trees and walnuts that represent its eternal beauty.

Selva di Fasano: What to see

  • Minareto di Fasano
  • Fasano Selva
  • Zoo Safari di Fasano
  • Canale di Pirro
  • Giardini Pistoia
  • Parco Lama d'Antico

Selva di Fasano: Il Minareto

Minareto di Fasano

The Minaret of Fasano is a large Moorish-style noble residence, it was built in 1912 by the architect Damaso Bianchi.

The building recalls oriental architectural features and is composed of many terraces that culminate in a very high tower that dominates the entire valley and offers a panorama from which you can admire the territories of the beaches of Ostuni and the beaches of Monopoli.

Built with materials entirely from Africa, the building was the residence of the Bianchi family for many years and hosted social and cultural events.

The villa is characterized by oriental peculiarities that recall Islamic mosques and he himself created a geometric motif that he applied in every decoration of the villa: from the tiles, to the walls, to the railings and to the rose windows.

After his death, the building was donated to the Italian nation and is still being restored today to bring to light the twentieth-century magic and make it a cultural center again.

Selva di Fasano: Sporting tradition

One of the reasons why the Selva di Fasano is strongly renowned is the traditional car competition. This competition is known under the name of "Fasano Selva" and attracts thousands of car racing enthusiasts from all over the world on every occasion.

Among the greats of the racing world who were guests of the Fasano Selva we remember: Giancarlo Fisichella and Ezio Baribbi

Selva di Fasano: Zoo Safari

Zoosafari - having fun in Puglia - Fasano

Zoosafari - having fun in Puglia - Fasano

If you are on holiday in Puglia and are looking for some fun, the right place is the Zoosafari zoo Fasano.

Selva di Fasano: Canale di Pirro

Canale di Pirro

Near the Canale di Pirro there are some beautiful karst caves, discovered by the "GASP" or the archaeological and speleological group of Puglia. The caves extend for 700 meters and are characterized by the presence of stalactites, stalagmites and fossils and has cavities up to 300 meters deep from which you can hear the sound of the water of an underground lake.

Selva di Fasano: Parco Rupestre Lama D'Antico

Parco Rupestre Lama D'Antico

Lama D'Antico is a rock settlement that is located between the cities of Fasano and Monopoli and develops along an ancient river. Lama D'Antico is among the largest settlements that can be found in Puglia. The archaeological finds found in the Lama D'Antico Rock Park suggest that it was already visited in the period between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age.

In the vicinity of Lama D'Antico it is possible to find some rock churches with fascinating frescoes, which are still well preserved, depicting the Saints. These churches were dedicated to San Giovanni and San Lorenzo.