Best beaches in Taranto. [GUIDE] 2024

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Best beaches in Taranto. [GUIDE] 2024

If you are on holiday in Puglia and you are wondering which are the most beautiful beaches in Taranto, in this post you will find the answer. Puglia is certainly among the Italian regions with the most beautiful beaches and in this guide updated to 2024 we will see the best beaches in Taranto.

The coast of Taranto offers one of the most beautiful seas in Puglia. A wonderful coast full of colors and suggestive landscapes.

The best beaches in Taranto

Here is the list of the most beautiful beaches in Taranto:

San Pietro in Bevagna

san pietro in bevagna - taranto beach

The beach of San Pietro in Bevagna is located on the coast of Manduria, in the province of Taranto. The coast is about fifteen kilometers long. The beaches are mostly sandy. Few sections are rocky. You will find long stretches of sand. The shallow water for many stretches. The clear sea. You will find beaches with bars.

It will be pleasant to take long walks on the sand and enjoy the sea, or lie down and take advantage of the warm southern sun.

It is said that the town is called San Pietro in Bevagna thanks to the apostle Peter, who allegedly landed in this area. Then over time the village has grown.

If you stay until the evening, you can take a walk in the village. You will find streets full of bars where you can enjoy an excellent dinner.

Where to leave the car in San Pietro in Bevagna? If you arrive by car in San Pietro in Bevagna you will have to park in the streets of the town. There are paid parking lots bordered by blue stripes, very close to the various beaches.

Campomarino di Maruggio beach

Campomarino di Maruggio beach extends over nine kilometers of coastline.

On the coast you will see the Moline tower, used to spot enemies entering the area by sea. The tower is so called because in this area the rocks were cut in order to build the mills. Typical tools for grinding cereals. This Taranto beach has both sandy and rocky areas. Choose the beach you prefer.

The sea is comparable to a swimming pool. Always clear and crystalline. In some places you will see dunes overlooking the beach. All this contributes to making the landscape of the Taranto coast wonderful.

Marina di Lizzano

marina di lizzano beach

You will also find a beautiful sea in Marina di Lizzano, a few kilometers from Taranto.

Most of the beaches are free, some are equipped. The sand of the Taranto sea is very clear. In this way you will see the clear sea. The Marina di Lizzano area is popular with many tourists. In the area you will find various B & Bs and hotels in which to stay.

When you see the sea of ​​Taranto you will definitely want to return!

Marina di Pulsano

marina di pulsano beach, Taranto

Marina di Pulsano is located south of Taranto. A series of coves with a transparent sea. The sea of ​​Puglia is gorgeous and the sea of ​​Taranto is an example of this. You can choose between sandy beaches or beaches with low rocks where you can have fun with diving. Taking a simple swim in the sea of ​​Taranto will be a pleasant experience.

Torre Colimena

Torre Colimena beach is a beautiful beach near Taranto. This Taranto beach is characterized by a Tower. The tower belongs to the end of the fifteenth century.

You will have the opportunity to visit the tower. In addition, from above the structure you can admire the landscape of the monks' salt pans.

The beach is very wide and the water immediately becomes high. To arrive by car just follow the directions. You can park your car in a street just before the beach. You can then walk to the sea.

Salina dei Monaci

From the beach of Torre Colimena you can reach the Salina dei Monaci. A truly suggestive place. It is a nature reserve.

Surrounded by dunes rich in vegetation, it is home to pink flamingos. The beach is wide and offers a beautiful transparent sea.

The name Monaci derives from the Benedictines. They had created a salt factory in the area. In the past, salt was of great value. Following the storm surges, the sea water naturally deposited beyond the dunes.

The Benedictine monks built buildings to work the salt. Since 2010, the Monaci salt pans became a protected area. Today it is an important attraction in Taranto.

Ginosa Marina

ginosa marina beach taranto

Another beautiful beach in the Tarantino is the one located in the town of Ginosa Marina.

If you are looking for relaxation, a wide beach and crystal clear sea, this beach in Taranto is the perfect place. The FEE - Foundation of Environmental Education - has repeatedly awarded the blue flag to the beach of Ginosa Marina. Clean beach and sea. Clear water.

How is the sea of ​​Taranto?

Puglia has wonderful beaches and crystal clear sea. So also the beaches of Taranto and its surroundings have these characteristics.

You can choose between sandy beaches or if you prefer rocky beaches. The coast of Taranto overlooks the Ionian Sea, you will find a perfect sea when the north wind blows. The beaches of Taranto are beautiful in every point. The sea of ​​Taranto is clear and clean.

taranto sea

The sea of ​​Taranto is home to many dolphins. A very important research association is the Jonian Dolphin Conservation - JDC - which studies cetaceans. The purpose of this association is to protect these dolphin specimens. Boat excursions are also organized which all tourists can participate in. You will thus have the opportunity to meet dolphins in the sea of ​​Taranto.

dolphins in Taranto

How to get to the beaches of Taranto?

By car it is very simple, just follow the directions and reach the place you want to visit. If you want to use public transport, various buses leave from Taranto for some of the above-mentioned locations.

This you have just read is a guide to some of the most beautiful beaches in Taranto. The sea of ​​the Taranto coast is always very beautiful. Choose the beach you prefer and enjoy your holidays in Puglia!