Torre dell'Orso: sea, beaches, lidos, what to do and see [GUIDE]

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Torre dell'Orso: sea, beaches, lidos, what to do and see [GUIDE]

Torre dell'Orso enjoys a privileged position in the Salento area. It represents the perfect base for exploring the area and enjoying an unforgettable holiday.

Torre dell'Orso is an enchanting seaside resort in Salento, on the Adriatic Sea. The marina is part of the municipality of Melendugno in the province of Lecce. Torre dell'Orso Beach is one of the most evocative of Salento. It offers a scenic view of the bay, with calm sea and transparent water. The bay of Torre dell'Orso is visited by tourists from all over the world also due to its strategic position in Salento.

Torre dell'Orso is one of the marinas in the municipality of Melendugno, together with San Foca, Roca, Sant'Andrea and Torre Specchia. Torre dell'Orso beach is only 30 minutes from the center of Lecce. The municipality of Melendugno is instead located inland, halfway between the beach of Torre dell'Orso and the city of Lecce.

The beauty of the sea and the beach of Torre dell'Orso is suitable for every type of traveller. Whether they are young people looking for fun or families with children eager to relax. The marina of Torre dell'Orso is a location that satisfies everyone's needs, and it will be difficult not to be conquered by its charm.

Torre dell'Orso is particularly known for the Due Sorelle, the two stacks that emerge from the sea a few tens of meters from the beach of Torre dell'Orso.

Torre dell'Orso Salento

Torre dell'Orso, houses on the rocks and territory seen from the sea

Torre dell'Orso is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Salento. It takes its name from the majestic coastal tower that stands on the rock, dating back to the 16th century. The tower served as a lookout to prevent the arrival of pirates and Turkish ships in the region.

The splendid bay of Torre dell'Orso is surrounded by lush pine forests that extend up to the suggestive sand dunes. The village, located in the municipality of Melendugno, has become a renowned seaside resort over the years.

An unmissable attraction of Torre dell'Orso are the two imposing rocks known as the "Two Sisters". These can be reached by swimming starting from the southern side of Torre dell'Orso beach.

To the south is the picturesque town of Sant'Andrea, surrounded by fascinating marine cavities and nature. There are also the renowned sandy beaches of Frassanito, where there is also a prestigious campsite.

The sea of Torre dell'Orso offers a complete experience with the possibility of exploring enchanting coastal sites nearby.

Torre dell'Orso beach enchants visitors with its fascinating history, its turquoise waters and its unique atmosphere.

Torre dell'Orso beach

Torre dell'Orso, southern part of the beach with a view of the rocks and pine forest

Torre dell'Orso beach is an enchanting inlet of very fine white sand about 800 meters long. At the ends of the beach are two majestic cliffs. Torre dell'Orso beach is surrounded by a thick pine forest which offers a unique atmosphere.

The beach in Torre dell'Orso is mainly occupied by equipped lidos and bathing establishments.

There are also free beach areas, although finding a spot can be difficult if you don't get there early. In fact, especially in summer, Torre dell'Orso sea comes alive with visitors. The best times to enjoy this splendid beach in complete tranquility are June and September.

The bay of Torre dell'Orso is one of the few on the Adriatic coast that enjoys greater protection from the winds. Furthermore, the water is generally clean, even when the sea is rough, with rare exceptions. Behind the beach there is a luxuriant pine forest, the ideal refuge from hot summer days.

Access to Torre dell'Orso beach is possible from different points:

  • through the stairs of the amphitheater
  • via the central staircase accessible from Via Matteotti
  • crossing the pine forest in the direction of the beaches "La Sorgente" and "The Caribbean of Salento"

Torre dell'Orso beach offers a unique experience. Pristine beauty, fine sand and the possibility of taking refuge in the cool of the pine forest.

It is advisable to plan your visit to the beach wisely, choosing less crowded periods. In this way you will be able to fully appreciate the magic of this splendid Salento town.

Torre dell'Orso, where to go to the beach?

If you want to spend time by the sea in Torre dell'Orso you can choose between the beach, the cliffs or the rocks.

The Torre dell'Orso marina offers numerous options for those who want to spend time by the sea.

Torre dell'Orso beach

The beach of Torre dell'Orso has points free from establishments, near the pine forest, where you can stay on the beach bringing your own belongings.

You will have access to one of the lidos and bathing establishments on the beach if you want to use their services.

Usually the lidos offer umbrellas with deck chairs, toilets, showers, bars and restaurants.

Torre dell'Orso cliff

Adventurers choose the cliffs at both ends of the bay as a foothold. From the cliff you go down to the beach through the various passages to the north or through the pine forest to the south.

Those standing on the cliffs enjoy more space, a breathtaking view of the bay and the air much busier than inside the bay.

Rocks of Torre dell'Orso

There are those who prefer to stay on the rocks along the coast, which are usually not crowded. The rocks give breathtaking views of the marine life below and the caves present.

Lidos on the beach in Torre dell'Orso

Torre dell'Orso offers a variety of options to spend unforgettable days on the beach, in an equipped structure. Choose the lido in Torre dell'Orso that best reflects your preferences and get ready to experience moments of pure relaxation and fun in the heart of the marvelous Salento coast.

The lidos on Torre dell'Orso beach are:

  • L'Orsetta
  • Baia d'Oriente
  • La Cueva
  • Da Gianni
  • Lido la Sorgente
  • I Caraibi del Salento
  • La Pineta

Lido L'Orsetta

A true paradise for families with children, where you can spend carefree days in a safe and welcoming environment. It is a fully equipped establishment with large spaces a stone's throw from the town.

Lido Baia D'Oriente

A place very popular with young people, ideal for those who want a lively and dynamic atmosphere, with the possibility of participating in fun activities and socializing with peers.

Lido La Cueva

This beach club is a perfect choice for adults or families looking for a relaxed atmosphere. Here you can enjoy the sea in complete tranquility and indulge in moments of pure relaxation.

Da Gianni Beach Services

Da Gianni offers beach services useful to all those who want to use the spaces offered by the free beach, without having to bring everything they need from home. In particular, the beach services offered are umbrellas, sunbeds, deck chairs, pedal boats and canoes.

Lido La Sorgente

One of the largest beaches in Torre dell'Orso, suitable for all tastes. Here you will find a wide range of services and facilities, which will satisfy your every need, whether you are looking for fun or quiet moments.

Lido The Caribbean of Salento

One of the most fascinating lidos, perfect above all for couples and adults looking for a romantic and suggestive atmosphere. Here you can immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience, pampered by quality services and splendid sea views.

Lido La Pineta

The last lido of the Torre dell'Orso beach, right in front of the Due Sorelle, offers a spectacular view over the whole bay. Here you can take advantage of beach services such as umbrellas and deck chairs, with spaces also suitable for the disabled. The entertainment and the bar and restaurant services will frame your day on the beach.

The Two Sisters

The Two Sisters: the stacks that emerge from the water in front of the Torre dell'Orso beach

The Two Sisters are two large rocks that emerge from the water in front of the Torre dell'Orso beach. The stacks are a few tens of meters away from the beach and can be reached by swimming.

Torre dell'Orso beach is famous for its two stacks, which are visible from any point of the Torre dell'Orso bay.

These two large rocks emerge from the clear waters a few meters from the beach.

The two sisters can be reached by swimming, but you can rent pedal boats or canoes to better explore the area.

The Legend of the Two Sisters

The territory of Torre dell'Orso is steeped in legends, the most famous of which concerns the stacks of the Two Sisters.

Legend tells of two sisters who, tired of the summer heat, were attracted by the breeze and the scent of salt air. After the work they decided to find refreshment by going to the cliff.

The first sister, captivated by the landscape, decided to dive into the crystal clear waters. Once in the water, however, she realized that she no longer knew how to get back to her.

The second sister then to dive in to go and save her. Both sisters were unable to reach the shore and were swallowed by the sea of Torre dell'Orso
Their cries of despair pity the gods so much that they were transformed into two large stacks. The gods tied the stacks in an eternal embrace in honor of the two sisters.

Marina di Melendugno

The Marina di Melendugno is distributed over 15 km of coast in the municipality of Melendugno, in the province of Lecce, on the Adriatic Sea.

The following 5 localities are part of the Melendugno marinas:

  • Torre Specchia Ruggieri
  • San Foca
  • Roca
  • Torre dell'Orso
  • Sant'Andrea

The marina of Melendugno welcomes tourists in Salento with small beaches, inlets, islets and stacks. You can visit places of extraordinary beauty where you can enjoy the clear water and nature.

Where is Torre dell'Orso located?

Torre dell'Orso is located in Melendugno, in the Province of Lecce.

Why is it called Torre dell'Orso?

Torre dell'Orso owes its name to the majestic coastal tower that stands on the cliff, dating back to the 16th century. In the past, the tower served as a lookout to prevent the arrival of Turkish ships in the region.

The meaning of the term "Bear" in the name is the subject of several fascinating hypotheses and legends.

Some associate the name with the presence of monk seals in the area. Others suggest that it derives from the surname "Urso", the old owners of the territory.

There are those who claim that it is linked to Sant'Orsola. Still others believe it is connected to the shape of a rock under the tower, which resembles the figure of a bear.

The exact origin of the name is unknown, it is nice to imagine its different possible roots.

Which sea washes Torre dell'Orso?

Torre dell'Orso is bathed by the Adriatic Sea.

Thanks to its proximity to the Canale d'Otranto you will find one of the clearest seas among the beaches of Puglia.

How is the sea in Torre dell'Orso?

Torre dell'Orso: glimpse of the beach and pine forest south of Torre dell'Orso in the nature reserve

The sea in Torre dell'Orso is characterized by transparent and crystalline water. The coast is characterized by rocks, interspersed with beaches and coves of very fine sand.

The sea of Torre dell'Orso has been awarded with the coveted Blue Flag and the 5 sails of the Touring Club, by virtue of its crystal clear and uncontaminated waters.

Behind the long beach is the large pine forest, where you can find refreshment and shelter during the hot hours.

To the north of the bay there are ancient caves, which were used by fishermen in the past. To the south instead, near the beach, you will be able to see the two famous stacks, called The Two Sisters.

When to go to Torre dell'Orso?

You can go to Torre dell'Orso from May until October. Usually the busiest months are July and August, months in which temperatures are warmer.

During the other months you will always find a pleasant temperature.

What to see in Torre dell'Orso?

Two places of interest in Torre dell'Orso are:

  • The Watchtower
  • The church of the SS Angeli Custodi

The Watchtower (or Torre dell'Orso)

The Watchtower is known as Torre dell'Orso, which derives from Sant'Orsola and recalls the name of the town itself.

Work on this tower began in 1568. The base of the tower is square, and is positioned right on a spur of the coast. This area is worth visiting.

Church of the SS Angeli Custodi

The church of the Ss Angeli Custodi is located in Piazza S. D 'Purchase and was inaugurated in 1960. Inside there is the statue of the Madonna "Stella Maris", protector of this marina in Melendugno.

Torre dell'Orso is one of the most beautiful places in the province of Lecce, you cannot miss a visit to the town during your holiday in Puglia.

What to see near Torre dell'Orso?

The most beautiful things to see near Torre dell'Orso are:

  • Roca
  • Cave of Poetry
  • Bay of the Turks


Roca combines the natural beauty of the place with its fascinating history. The small tourist center was historically distant from worldly commercial activities. Roca should be imagined today as a Messapian city that flourished over the years.

Roca is centrally located, between San Foca and Torre dell'Orso. Unlike the other marinas of Melendugno, it has a rocky coast. Roca is perfect for tourists who love rocks. Roca is renowned for its crystal clear waters and always calm sea.

In Roca there is a coastal tower which, over time, has played a fundamental role as a defense point. The Torre di Roca Vecchia stands on an islet located near the ruins of the old castle of Roca. In the past, it was known as Torre di Maradico and was part of the territory of the Municipality of Roca Nuova.

Cave of Poetry

The Grotta della Poesia is one of the ten most beautiful natural pools in the world. it is a destination much loved by tourists and residents of the splendid Puglia. Recently, an ancient Messapian place of worship has been discovered inside the cave.
The Grotta della Poesia continues to enchant with its breathtaking beauty and rich history.

Not far from the Grotta della Poesia you can visit Roca Vecchia. Its ancient Messapian fortifications offer a unique opportunity to relive the past. Around the recent excavations of the medieval village it is possible to observe hypogea and crypts. There are also remains of structures from different eras, dating back to the Bronze Age.

Since 1984, important archaeological excavations have been conducted in the Roca Vecchia area. These efforts have brought to light discoveries of great historical significance.

The cave takes its name from the Poetry for a legend. It is said that a princess loved to bathe in the healing waters of a cave. Her fame attracted poets from every corner of southern Italy to compose verses inspired by her beauty. The fame of this cave and its poetic muse lasted over time. So much so that even today it is known as the Grotta della Poesia.

Bay of the Turks

The Baia dei Turchi is a breathtaking wonder. It has obtained the Blue Flag and the 5 Sails of Legambiente thanks to its crystalline waters. The bay is characterized by enchanting sandy coves with stretches of cliff.

The bay is protected by thick vegetation on the jagged cliff. Despite its wild atmosphere, you will also find a lido. This offers all the comforts to enjoy a day at the beach. We recommend a visit to the bay if the sirocco blows. You will thus appreciate its maximum splendor with the calm and crystalline sea.