Torre Lapillo: beaches, sea, what to do and see [Guide]

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Torre Lapillo: beaches, sea, what to do and see [Guide]

Torre Lapillo, with its extraordinary charm, stands out as one of the wonders of Salento most loved by visitors.

Torre Lapillo is a wonderful seaside resort in Salento in the municipality of Porto Cesareo. The small town of Torre Lapillo overlooks the Ionian coast of the province of Lecce on one of the most beautiful sandy stretches in Puglia.

The coastal village of Torre Lapillo allows beach lovers to live unforgettable experiences, with its fine white sand beach and crystal clear sea water. For the visitors of Torre Lapillo, time seems to stop thanks to the sensations that nature and the sea are able to give during the summer season.

On the beach of Torre Lapillo it is possible to find a wide range of bathing establishments equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, welcoming bars, delicious restaurants and comfortable toilets and showers. There are also numerous beaches with free access to the public, pine forests and Mediterranean scrub where you can cool off during the hottest hours of the day.

Find out below how to reach Torre Lapillo, the activities to do, the places to visit, the beaches, the lidos and the things to see around Torre Lapillo.

Torre Lapillo beach

Torre Lapillo beach, detail with dunes and bathers

Spiaggia Torre Lapillo  is the sandy beach that stretches for about 4 km in front of the village Torre Lapillo, in the municipality of Porto Cesareo. Torre Lapillo beach stands out for its white sand and crystalline waters that characterize it.

The wonderful beach of Torre Lapillo is one of the most enchanting and renowned destinations in Salento. Both tourists and locals deeply love this beach, attracted both by its natural beauty and by the numerous beach services available.

On the beach of Torre Lapillo you will find a wide range of bathing establishments offering umbrellas and sunbeds, cozy bars and delicious restaurants, as well as comfortable services and showers. Furthermore, there are numerous spaces accessible to the public, with pine forests and Mediterranean scrub perfect for cooling off during the hottest hours.

Torre Lapillo beach is much loved by young people but is also frequented by families because, thanks to the shallow water and sandy seabed, it is suitable for children.

Furthermore, it is possible to practice various sports activities, such as beach volleyball, kite surfing, windsurfing and kayaking. In short, it is the ideal place for all ages and needs.

One piece of advice to visitors to Torre Lapillo beach during the summer, especially between July and August, is to go to the beach early, to guarantee a place for the whole day, or book an umbrella and sunbed in one of the many establishments.

In any case, north of the Tower of Torre Lapillo, there are some hidden beaches and coves along the coast that offer a quieter and more reserved alternative for those seeking some privacy.

This Salento beach is also a favorite destination for young people who like to have fun spending the evening in one of the seaside beaches open until late.

What to see in Torre Lapillo

The main attractions of Torre Lapillo are undoubtedly the beach, the sea and nature. If you want to see other things in Torre Lapillo then we recommend a visit to Torre di San Tommaso, in the northern part of Torre Lapillo beach, a perfectly preserved 16th century coastal protection tower.

If you want to see more then not far from Torre Lapillo, easily reachable by car, scooter or public transport, there are several places of interest that are worth visiting.

Among the places to visit if you are on holiday in Torre Lapillo we recommend:

  • Porto Cesareo
  • Nardò
  • Gallipoli
  • Punta Prosciutto
  • Porto Selvaggio
  • Lecce
  • Santa Maria al Bagno
  • Santa Caterina

Things to do in Torre Lapillo

Torre Lapillo is a small seaside resort located in Salento, in Puglia, in the province of Lecce. Torre Lapillo's main things to do focus on the wonderful combination of beach, sea and nature. The only historical monument inside the small town is the ancient watchtower, one of the largest and best preserved in all of Puglia.

The things to do on holiday in Torre Lapillo are:

  • relax at the beach
  • boat excursions
  • visit to the Tower of San Tommaso
  • visit Porto Cesareo
  • visit nearby cities
  • food and wine experiences
  • sports activities
  • nightlife

Relax at the Beach

Torre Lapillo is famous for its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. You could spend your days lounging in the sun, taking a dip in the sea, or participating in water sports like windsurfing or snorkelling.

You can also visit other places very close to Torre Lapillo with wonderful and well-served beaches such as the beach of Porto Cesareo, the beach of Santa Maria al Bagno or the beaches of Gallipoli, where you will find a greater variety of evening activities.

Boat excursions

Explore the Salento coast by booking a boat excursion. You will be able to visit sea caves, snorkel in suggestive places and enjoy breathtaking views.

Visit Porto Cesareo

Porto Cesareo is a town close to Torre Lapillo and well worth a visit. You can walk along the port, explore the historic center and sample the local cuisine in the restaurants and trattorias.

Visit nearby cities

Torre Lapillo is an ideal starting point for visiting other Salento cities. You can take a trip for example to Lecce, with its charming baroque old town, or to Gallipoli, with its narrow streets and beautiful beaches.

You can also visit other locations with nearby beaches such as Porto Cesareo, Santa Maria al Bagno or Gallipoli, where you will find a greater variety of evening activities.

Food and wine experiences

Taste the local cuisine and discover the typical flavors of Salento. Not to be missed are the dishes based on fresh fish, the orecchiette, the pasticciotto from Lecce and the Primitivo wine.

Sports activities

If you like physical activity, you can go cycling along the coast or play sports such as beach volleyball or beach football. You can also try your hand at water sports, such as windsurfing, swimming and snorkelling, or play beach tennis, volleyball or football on the beach.


Torre Lapillo is a small seaside resort but also offers an interesting nightlife thanks to the lidos that organize musical evenings and events on the beach. You can find restaurants, bars or clubs open until late in the evening offering dinner, aperitifs and music to dance to.

Best beaches near Torre Lapillo

Map with best beaches near Torre Lapillo in Salento

Torre Lapillo beach includes 4 kilometers of coastline. You can choose between several equipped lidos or free beaches. The sea along the entire coast is; always wonderful.

The most beautiful beaches in this area start from Torre Lapillo until reaching Punta Prosciutto, where you can find other beautiful beaches surrounded by nature.

If you choose the free beaches you can settle down with your towel and umbrella. If you choose one of the many bathing establishments, you will have the opportunity to rent a sunbed and umbrella.

Whatever point you choose for your stop on the beach you will not be disappointed, the sea of โ€‹โ€‹Torre Lapillo always offers a wonderful scenery.

Where is Torre Lapillo beach located?

Torre Lapillo beach is located in Torre Lapillo, in the municipality of Porto Cesareo, in the province of Lecce. Torre Lapillo beach is located in the northern part of Salento, and is among the most beautiful beaches on the Ionian coast.

How is the sea in Torre Lapillo?

Torre Lapillo, the white sand beach and crystal clear water

The sea of Torre Lapillo is characterized by clear, clean and crystalline water. The sand is white, composed of shells and pebbles the size of small grains of rice. Whichever point you choose for your stop on the beach you will not be disappointed, the sea of Torre Lapillo always offers a wonderful scenery.

What to do in the evening in Torre Lapillo?

If you wonder what you can do during the evening in Torre Lapillo, it is important to consider that being a small town, the options may be limited.

However, lidos along the beach often organize evening events, such as beach nights, live concerts or DJ sets. Alternatively, in many lidos you can simply enjoy an aperitif or a drink under the stars.

After spending the day at the beach, you can take a walk along the seafront and try one of the many restaurants, bars or lidos serving the freshest local food.

From 8pm until midnight Via Torre becomes pedestrian only. Evening life is concentrated in this street and you can enjoy a drink in one of the many bars.

In Via Bonomi you will find several stalls with the summer evening market offering local handicraft products or typical local gastronomic products.

Keep in mind that Torre Lapillo's position is strategically advantageous, allowing you to easily reach other livelier locations such as Porto Cesareo, Santa Maria al Bagno or Gallipoli, where you will find a greater variety of evening activities.

You can move around easily reaching the center of Porto Cesareo for a walk, an aperitif in a seaside bar or taste the typical Lecce pasticciotto.

You can also visit the wonderful baroque city of Lecce which is only 37 kilometers from Torre Lapillo.

Why is it called Torre Lapillo?

Torre di Sant Tommaso, the watchtower of Torre Lapillo

The name "Torre Lapillo" originates from the union between the historic watchtower at the northern end of the beach, the Torre di San Tommaso, and the particular type of sand, the Lapillo, which distinguishes the coast of this enchanting Apulian town.

St. Thomas Tower

The name of the locality of Torre Lapillo derives from the presence of the watchtower, Torre di San Tommaso, which rises majestically close to the sea in the northern end of the town.

Built in the 16th century with the aim of protecting the coast from fearsome pirates, this tower was an integral part of the coastal defense system of the Kingdom of Naples.

Today the Torre di San Tommaso is commonly referred to also as Torre Lapillo.


The term "Lapillo" refers to the unique sand that characterizes the beach of Torre Lapillo, formed by tiny sea shells and stones similar in size to grains of rice.

This type of beach, with similar characteristics, can also be found in other places in Salento on the Ionian coast.

Where is Torre Lapillo located?

Torre Lapillo is located about 30 km west of Lecce, the city in the heart of Salento, on the Ionian Sea and less than 5 km north of Porto Cesareo.

The position of Torre Lapillo is strategic for eager visitors who want to enjoy a beautiful seaside location and be easily able to explore the beauties of Salento.

In fact, from Torre Lapillo it is easily possible to reach other magnificent locations, such as Lecce, famous for its Baroque architecture, the suggestive Gallipoli, the picturesque Santa Maria di Leuca, the splendid Punta Prosciutto and the numerous beaches and coves that dot the Ionian or Adriatic coast of the Salento.

How many inhabitants does Torre Lapillo have?

Torre Lapillo is not a municipality but is an integral part of the municipality of Porto Cesareo. Its size is so small that it hosts just over 300 permanent residents during the winter. The municipality of Porto Cesareo, on the other hand, has a population of about 7,500 inhabitants.

During the summer season, the population of Torre Lapillo, as well as of Porto Cesareo, increases considerably, thanks to the arrival of tourists from all over the world.

This makes Torre Lapillo a place that welcomes thousands of people during the summer, including locals, tourists and temporary residents.

How to get to Torre Lapillo?

Torre Lapillo, map of car routes from Brindisi Airport

Getting to Torre Lapillo is quite easy, although direct connections from the main cities of Puglia are only available by bus and car.

The roads to reach Torre Lapillo are in any case well developed and allow easy travel both by car and by bicycle.

The means that are commonly used to reach Torre Lapillo are: car, bus, train and plane.

How to reach Torre Lapillo by car

The easiest way to reach Torre Lapillo is by car. If you are coming from the north, you can take the A14 highway to the Bari Nord exit and continue on the SS16 state road to Lecce.

From Lecce, you can take the SP16 or SP119 provincial road and continue to Torre Lapillo. The journey by car from Bari takes about 2 hours, from Lecce about 40 minutes and from Brindisi Airport about 1 hour.

How to reach Torre Lapillo by bus

There are buses that connect Torre Lapillo to Lecce and other cities in Salento. The bus companies Cotrap and STP Salento Trasporti Pubblici offer services in the area. Bus times and prices may vary depending on the time of year, so it is advisable to check the official websites for up-to-date information.

How to reach Torre Lapillo by train

The closest railway station to Torre Lapillo is Lecce, which has connections to many Italian cities, including Milan, Bologna, Rome and Naples. From Lecce station, you can take a bus or rent a car to reach Torre Lapillo in no time.

How to reach Torre Lapillo by plane

The closest airport to Torre Lapillo is Brindisi, which is located about 60 km away. From Brindisi airport, you can rent a car, take a bus or train to reach Lecce and then take a bus to Torre Lapillo.

Torre Lapillo history

From the beach you will notice a Tower overlooking the coast. The watchtower is also known by the name of Torre di San Tommaso. It is a tower that was part of the Salento defensive system, useful for protecting the coast from enemy invasions.

The structure was commissioned by Charles V and its construction was completed in 1568.

The Tower is one of the largest in the area and has a square base and a staircase for access. Its height is 17 meters.