Torre Pozzella

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Torre Pozzella, unspoiled oasis

If you are on holiday in Puglia near Brindisi there are many places to visit, including the village of Ostuni and the beaches of Ostuni beaches. Among the most beautiful beaches in this area is Torre Pozzella, located a few kilometers from the center of Ostuni.

Torre Pozzella is one of the marinas of Ostuni (Brindisi), in the Mediterranean scrub. To reach the unspoiled coast of Torre Pozzella, it is necessary to follow some dirt roads that allow you to easily reach the oasis. Torre Pozzella is characterized by rock formations that through some bends of the coastal stretch - mostly composed of low cliffs - which generate small inlets and small sandy beaches. Near the beach there is a suggestive sixteenth-century watchtower, built to defend the coast, used in the Saracen period to defend itself from invasions by the Turks. A similar structure is located in the Torre Guaceto nature reserve.

If you are traveling by camper, the area is excellent. You will find rest areas with shaded areas and electricity connections.

How is the sea in Torre Pozzella?

Torre Pozzella is among the most beautiful beaches of Ostuni sea. The sea is crystal clear. You will find small sandy coves separated by stretches with rocks.

It is a place where you really feel in contact with nature. The sea is crystal clear, ideal for swimming even when in other parts of the coast it could be rough. In fact, the high rocks protect the beach during the windiest days.

In the sandy areas Torre Pozzella is suitable for families. If you love diving you can stop in an area with rocky stretches.

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Torre Pozzella services for tourists and families with children

Torre Pozzella is ideal for families, in Torre Pozzella in fact it is possible to find structures that offer entertainment services and various types of sports activities, with available: soccer fields, volleyball, basketball and an amphitheater.

The entertainment program that can be found in Torre Pozzelle includes various activities promoted by the managers of accommodation facilities in the area. in the morning, for example, muscle awakening is done and all the various activities that are done directly on the beach, or water aerobics and other activities for physical well-being.

Torre Pozzella campsite camping

For those traveling by camper, Torre Pozzella is the right place for camping. In addition to the classic solution of camping in tents, in Torre Pozzella it is possible to obtain a mobile home consisting of four beds and has practically all the comforts and hospitality that a normal home can have, two bedrooms, bathroom and veranda that doubles as dining room.

Other services in Torre Pozzella are: Bar service on the beach, pizza restaurant with typical local cuisine and a market equipped with everything you need for shopping.