Trulli for Sale Valle d'Itria

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Trulli for Sale Valle d'Itria

Buying a Trullo in the Itria Valley is one of the most profitable investments that can be made in Puglia. This page lists the best trulli for sale in Valle d'Itria

The Trulli for Sale in Valle d'Itria are real estate units composed of traditional rural structures, built in dry local limestone, using the ancient construction techniques of the Trulli. The ancient rural buildings typical of the Itria Valley, the Trulli, are recovered and completely reconstructed by hand by skilled craftsmen and professionals, using only precious materials and the best of ancient and modern construction techniques, transforming themselves into structures of the highest quality and elegance. , with classic and minimalist furnishings typical of the Mediterranean tradition.

Trulli for Sale Valle d'Itria

Trulli for sale in Ceglie Messapica

Trullo Lombardi Genovese

The 4 Trulli were built in 1900 and the buildings making up the lamia and the accessories on the back of the trullo were instead built later in 1960. The Trulli were built with a load-bearing structure in "dry" stone blocks of variable size, tied with a layer of solid soil called "bolo". The Trulli have load-bearing walls of varying thickness ranging from 1m to 2.5m thick. The interior spaces have an average height of 2.85 meters with the highest part of 3.85 m and the lowest part of 2.20 meters. Get in touch directly with the real estate agent responsible for Trullo Lombardi.

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Outdoor spaces of the Trullo in Valle d'Itria

The Trullo is equipped, in addition to the built area, also with an internal courtyard and land all around, for a total area of 347 square meters.

Interior furnishings of the Trullo in Valle d'Itria

The flooring of the Trulli and the lamia is basically composed of natural stone and marble, except for the kitchen where terracotta tiles have been used.

In a recent renovation the chianche, the blocks of local limestone, have been cleaned and properly relocated in all the Trulli.

The Trulli internally have cone roofs with exposed stone and dry stone walls.

Renovation of the Trullo in Valle d'Itria

The Trullo underwent a complete renovation in 2015.

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We intervened with the total restructuring of the structural cones of the trulli, with the disassembly of the internal flooring, construction of the ventilated crawl space and reconstruction of the flooring by reusing the same original stones (the chianche).

Work was also carried out on the static consolidation of the bridle and the walls by rearranging the base of the trullo.

The roofs of the trulli, the cones, were completely dismantled, to allow their recovery and consolidation, and then the chiancarelle, the stone slabs with which the roof is covered, was reassembled.

In the reconstruction of the walls and roofs, care was taken to lay the stones so that they can be admired internally.

The water, sewage and electrical systems have been completely redone in accordance with the law and put under the ground.

Info and Documents about Trullo Leonardo

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Trulli in Vendita in Valle d'Itria

The Trulli for sale in Valle d'Itria are traditional rural structures built with millenary construction techniques, handed down for generations from master to helper, using local limestone as the only building material.

The properties on which the Trulli for sale in Valle d'Itria are built include service structures and other buildings connected to the trulli, land surrounding the trullo often cultivated or containing gardens, olive groves, vineyards or fruit trees.

The lush rural landscape of the Itria Valley, which attracts tourists and visitors from all over the world to Puglia, is the typical one that surrounds the Trulli of the Itria Valley and is characterized by lush countryside and dense Mediterranean woods.

The Valle d'Itria landscapes, of which the Trulli have been an integral part for millennia, are characterized by countryside rich in olive groves and vineyards of the typical varieties of the place, which alternate with the cultivation of vegetables and orchards with unique tastes and scents.

Most of the properties in the country hamlets of the towns of the Itria Valley are separated by dry stone walls, which outline the perimeter of the land where the Trulli are built, which very clearly delineate the land along the country roads.

Trulli with swimming pool for sale in Valle d'Itria

Trulli with swimming pool for sale in Valle d'Itria

The Trulli with swimming pool for sale in Valle d'Itria help to turn visitors' dreams into reality.

The union between the luxuriant local nature and the Trulli that overlook the most beautiful landscapes spare along the territory make this area unique in the world and not for nothing has it been named a UNESCO patriomon.

If you are thinking of living in Valle d'Itria, or investing in a property, then we advise you to take a look at the houses that inspire many visitors and tourists, the Trulli.

The Trulli with swimming pool for sale in Valle d'Itria are the most beautiful and evocative homes to live in and own, in an area that is commercially, culturally and touristically active.

In addition to wonderful outdoor pools, the Trulli with swimming pool in Valle d'Itria have picturesque verandas where you can spend your days and cool evenings outdoors. Some Trulli are equipped with swimming pools and SPAs also inside.

The best Trulli with swimming pool for sale in Valle d'Itria are located in Ceglie Messapica, Cisternino, Ostuni, Alberobello and in the Apulian countryside of the other towns of the valley.

The Trulli in the Valle d'Itria territory

The Trulli in the Valle d'Itria territory

The Trulli of Valle d'Itria have a thousand-year history as regards the construction techniques and the intended uses, but for historical reasons the oldest Trulli present in the area today only date back to the 17th century.

The Trulli are mainly distributed in the luxuriant territory and some of them have now been transformed into luxurious residences that offer hospitality and special experiences to tourists and travelers who visit Puglia and in particular the Valle d'Itria.

From the end of the 15th century the Trulli were, together with the peasants and laborers of the area, victims of the edict promulgated by the Aragonese lords, the "Prammatica de Baronibus", which committed the lords and landowners of Puglia to pay taxes in based on the number of buildings in built-up areas.

Due to the Aragonese edict the Trulli were in fact continually demolished and then rebuilt, on the same place, by the stassi laborers and farmers who plotted the ancient construction techniques and which they perfected to allow the rapid reconstruction of the demolished structures after the collection of taxes. he left the territory to return to the Aragonese.