Villa in Puglia to rent in Puglia 2024

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Villa in Puglia to rent in Puglia 2024

Renting a holiday home in Puglia is one of the best ways to be able to enjoy the stay in Puglia if you need absolute freedom, exclusively dedicated services and autonomy in the management of spaces for rent.

Holiday homes in Puglia are houses of various kinds available for short -term rents to tourists and visitors to Puglia. The homes that are offered as a holiday home are found in all areas of historical or tourist interest, near the sea, in the countryside or in the historic cities. These homes are often finished in Mediterranean style and are equipped with more or less exclusive services. Holiday homes in Puglia can be rented all year round, having mild temperatures and events in which Puglia and events can also be participated in in winter, but the period with more question goes from early spring to the beginning of winter.

If you have chosen to spend a beach holiday then you can find holiday homes for rent throughout the Apulian coast, or you can find one a few kilometers from the beach and instead enjoy the peace and silence of the countryside during your stay at home.

Puglia offers a wide choice of holidays for holidays, suitable for all tastes and needs.

Holiday homes in Puglia

Holiday homes in Puglia

In Puglia, both on the sea and inland, different types of holiday homes are available. The offer of holiday homes in Puglia covers the needs of each type of visitor, such as families with children, couples or organized groups.

You will have the opportunity to choose to rent a holiday home in Puglia a few steps from the sea, you will want to be able to reach the sea in less than 5 minutes on foot.

Among the different options of holiday homes in Puglia there are:


The trulli are traditional houses in the Itria valley, made entirely of stone with a cone roof. These houses are very characteristic and unique and many of them have been renovated and transformed into homes for holidays.


The farms are ancient buildings, fortified and self -sufficient, which housed the lords of time and the workforce for agricultural collection in the fields. Today the farms are often transformed into luxury residences in which to enjoy the holiday in the Apulian countryside in relaxation.

Autonomous homes

Throughout the region there are numerous homes used for holiday homes available for rent, both in the city and in the countryside. Many of these houses have been renovated in Mediterranean style, with bright interiors and comfortable furnishings.


The apartments are a common option for holidays in the city such as Bari, Lecce, Brindisi, Ostuni and Gallipoli. There are many apartments for rent that offer the comfort and privacy of an independent house.


Villas are the ideal choice for family holidays or with a group of friends. In Puglia there are numerous villas for rent, many of which with swimming pool and outdoor spaces to enjoy the Mediterranean climate.

Holiday home services in Puglia

Holiday home services in Puglia

Holiday homes in Puglia can vary by type and price, but in general there are certain things you can expect from each property.

The main characteristics of a holiday home, which are evaluated before choosing the property to rent to spend the holiday in Puglia, are the same as a normal rental property.

Here is a list of the services offered in holiday homes in Puglia among which you can search for the accommodation of your interest:

The basic services of the holiday homes in Puglia listed above are the result of the analyzes of visitor habits that are found, evaluated and shared by the holiday home managers.

Most sought after features Puglia holiday home

The most important characteristics that a holiday home must have for tourists visiting Puglia are: comfort, furnishings, cleanliness, location and assistance.


Holiday homes in Puglia usually offer comfort and services such as a fully equipped kitchen, private bathroom, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV and outdoor spaces such as balconies or terraces.


Many holiday homes in Puglia are furnished in a Mediterranean style, with warm colors and wooden or wrought iron furnishings. Some may also have traditional elements, such as the trulli of the Valle d'Itria.


Holiday homes in Puglia are generally clean and well maintained, but it's always important to check reviews from previous guests to be sure of the quality of the cleaning.


Depending on the location, some holiday homes in Puglia may offer sea or countryside views. In general, many holiday homes are located in strategic positions to easily reach the beaches, historic cities and places of tourist interest in the region.


Some agencies or owners of holiday homes in Puglia can offer assistance to their guests in organizing tours or activities during their stay, also providing information on the best restaurants, bars and night clubs in the area.

In general, you can expect to find welcoming and comfortable holiday homes in Puglia, suitable for an enjoyable holiday in the beautiful region of southern Italy.

Holiday homes special services in Puglia

Holiday homes special services in Puglia

For those who have special needs to satisfy during their stay in Puglia in a holiday home, there are different types of particular services, or in some cases luxury, which can be accessed.

Some of the offers of holiday homes that offer special services for the guests of the structure can be consulted in this list:

Holiday homes by city in Puglia

Holiday homes by city in Puglia

As we have read above, there are different types of holiday homes in Puglia, distributed near the sea, in the countryside near the sea coast or inland. Each holiday home has its own peculiarities and somehow manages to satisfy the needs of the visitors who host them.

If you want to find a holiday home in one of the most famous places to visit in Puglia, here is a list to start with:

If you are interested in visiting Polignano a Mare or Gallipoli, we advise you to read the dedicated posts of the Polignano a Mare holiday homes and the Gallipoli holiday homes where you will find a selection of some of the most beautiful holiday homes where you can stay and enjoy Puglia .

How to find holiday homes in Puglia

To be able to find a holiday home for rent for your holiday in Puglia, we suggest you search using the following sources: specialized websites, real estate agencies, online ads, personal contacts.

Specialized websites

There are several websites that specialize in booking holiday homes in Puglia, including for example On these sites you will find a wide choice of houses, trulli, villas and apartments for rent.

Estate agents

Many real estate agencies in Puglia offer holiday rental services. You can contact a real estate agency directly to find the right home for you.

Online ads

You can search for holiday home rental adverts in Puglia on short-term rental sites or online rental portals. Here you will find a wide choice of adverts from private owners offering their home for vacation rental.

Personal contacts

You could also find a holiday home in Puglia through personal contacts. Ask your friends, family or acquaintances if they know anyone who has a holiday rental home in Puglia or if they can recommend a trusted real estate agency.

In general, there are many options available to find the ideal home for your holidays in Puglia.

Why renting holiday home in Puglia is worthwhile?

Why renting holiday home in Puglia is worthwhile?

Although the choice between hotels, villages, farms or house for rent in Puglia is completely subjective, among the various options for staying, the house for rent in Puglia is certainly the most recommended solution.

This is what emerges from an analysis carried out on the preferences of our visitors who contact us to find out the best solutions for staying in Puglia.

In fact, tourists staying in holiday homes appreciate the experience very much because they enjoy total freedom, all spaces and services being for their exclusive use, and are able to live an authentic experience of discovering the uses and customs of the territory and of Apulian citizens.

Furthermore, especially for those traveling in groups, renting a house by the sea in Puglia allows you to be a stone's throw from the beach and entertainment.