Grotta Zinzulusa

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Grotta Zinzulusa

Puglia is rich in tourist attractions. You can visit many places that will fascinate you. In this article you will discover a place that attracts many tourists every year. If you are on holiday in Puglia the Zinzulusa Cave is to be included in the list of things to see.

The Zinzulusa Cave is a karst cave located near Castro. It was discovered by the Bishop of Castro in 1793. Later it was opened to the public, precisely in 1957. It is a natural cavity characterized by crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes. 

The Territory

The caves of Zinzulusa are located at the foot of the promontory on which sits Castro, a town of about 2400 inhabitants in the province of Lecce, in Puglia.

You can find the exact location of Zinzulusa Cave (Grotta Zinzulusa) and other nearby places using our Italy Puglia map

The town of Castro is located on the east coast of Salento. It is divided into two zones.

The first is the main village, called Castro di sopra. This is of medieval origin and is located on top of the promontory.

The second area is Castro Marina (also called Castro di sotto), which was formed around the port. 

The small town lives on fishing and tourism accompanied by the rhythms of maritime life.

You will find a purely Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers (on average +9 °C in winter and +25 °C in summer).

Our advice is to spend the day at the beach of Castro and book a visit to the cave Zinzulusa. In the evening you can enjoy a walk in the town.

In Castro in the evening you will find many places to dine and a beautiful promenade.

The cave of Zinzulusa

Foto Grotta Zinzulusa

You can book your guided boat tour. You will be fascinated for the duration of the route.

The karst cave of Zinzulusa is unique in Italy. A place to visit if you are in Puglia.

Once you enter the cave you can observe stalactites and stalagmites created as a result of erosion by water in more ancient times.

Continuing along the path you will find yourself in a corridor that will lead you to a small lake. The corridor is called the "corridor of wonders".

The lake is characterized by both fresh and sea water. The water is crystal clear, like the whole coast of Castro.

The visit to the cave continues towards the so-called "crypt". It is a cavity characterized by smooth walls twenty-five meters high.

Many bats inhabited this part of the cave. The animals had covered the cavity with their guano.

Accumulated and solidified for seven meters, you could walk on it. In 1940 the workers eliminated it and created special passages for tourists.

At the end of the cave you will find a small basin.

This is characterized by warm and salty waters in the seabed and fresh and cold waters on the surface.

Nearby is the Romanelli cave, a coastal cave with works of wall art dating back to the Paleolithic with zoomorphic and anthropomorphic themes.

What is the sea like in Castro?

The sea in Castro is beautiful. Clear and crystal clear water. The coasts are low and rocky.

The Zinzulusa cave is one of the main attractions in Puglia. The colors of the sea of Puglia are wonderful.

If you are on holiday in Puglia during the summer, you can not miss this wonder!

How to reach Castro?

Getting to Castro is very simple. If you are driving, just follow the directions.

If you want to reach Castro by public transport you will have to get to Lecce by train. From here there are buses that take you to Castro.

Alternatively you can reach Otranto by local train, from here you can get by bus to the town of Castro.