Zoosafari - having fun in Puglia - Fasano

Updated at: 25-03-2024

Zoosafari - having fun in Puglia - Fasano

In the list of things to do during your holiday in Puglia 2022, if you are looking for a little fun, there is a visit to the Fasano Safari Zoo; a place suitable for people of all ages.

The Zoo of Fasano also known as Zoo Safari, Zoo Fasano or Fasanolandia is an important tourist attraction located in Fasano, in the province of Brindisi. It is a complex consisting of a large zoo and an amusement park called Fasanolandia. The area of ​​the Fasano zoo extends for 30 hectares and is home to 200 different species of animals, which can be observed by crossing a path by car, like a real safari! We see below all the useful information for your visit to the Zoo Safari in Fasano.

Zoo Safari Fasano, Fasanolandia Zoo Fasano

The Fasano Zoo is characterized by a single large park, divided into two thematic areas:

  • Zoo Safari
  • Fasanolandia

The Zoo Safari is the area used as a car route, which allows animals to be visited.

Fasanolandia is a real amusement park with rides and attractions

Where is Fasanolandia located?

Fasanolandia is located in Fasano, in the structure that already houses the Zoo Safari of Fasano.

A visit to the Zoo Safari of Fasano and Fasanolandia is certainly to be included in the places to visit in Puglia if you are on holiday in the areas of Brindisi.

The Fasano Zoo and Fasanolandia are suitable places for families with children and organized groups.

Zoo Fasano what to see

The Fasano safari zoo is one of the largest wildlife parks in Europe, with a large area and more than two hundred species of animals.

zebra zoo fasano

How much does the ticket for the Fasano zoo cost?

Zoo Fasano Price:

The ticket for the Fasano Zoo costs 28 €. The prices of the fasanolandia zoo vary according to age. There are discounted prices for groups.

The ticket for the Fasano zoo offers the possibility to access the safari by car, to visit the reptile area, to visit the lake of the great mammals and to take the little train that will take you to the monkey village. The driving safari experience is definitely not to be missed!

There are also various rates depending on what you choose to see. You can choose to buy the entrance ticket only for the Fasano Zoo or only for the fasanolandia amusement park. You can buy your ticket for the fasanolandia zoosafari directly at the entrance.

The visit to the zoo lasts about an hour. However, the visit time may vary depending on the turnout. On holidays you will find a greater turnout and therefore the visiting time will get longer.

When does the Fasano safari zoo open?

Here are the opening and closing times of the Fasano zoo: the zoosafari is open every day starting at 9.30. The last possibility of entry is at 3.00 pm.

Our advice is to arrive in the morning. So you can enjoy an exciting safari and during lunch time you can choose one of the many places to eat. After seeing the animals you can have fun with the many rides in the park.

How to get to the Fasano zoosafari?

It is possible to reach the Fasano zoo by car or by train.

Traveling by car, just follow the signs for zoo Fasano.

Through the Bari - Lecce route you will arrive at the Fasano railway station. From here, you will have to reach the town center by bus. The park is a couple of kilometers from the city center. If you arrive at the Zoosafari di Fasano by public transport, you can take advantage of the pedestrian area to see the many animals.

Zoo Safari during the holidays

A peculiarity of the zoosafari is that during the holidays the Fasano zoo organizes the theme day. You will find the park decorated depending on the party in progress. Themed shows are organized during halloween. During Christmas the park is filled with decorations.

halloween zoo

Visit the Zoosafari of Fasano

This is how the visit to the Fasano Zoo takes place:

Inside the Fasano zoosafari you can drive through an area passing among the animals, like a real safari. A journey immersed in nature. You will be able to meet giraffes, elephants, zebras and many others. You will see the animals up close, from your car. You will pass among the tigers and lions.

giraffe lions zoosafari

Moving on to the pedestrian visit you will observe chimpanzees, lemurs and other animal species. A small train, the Metrozoo, will take you to observe the lake of the great mammals. In this part of the park you will see polar bears, brown bears, rhinos and hippos.

bears zoosafari fasano

The Fasano Zoo ticket includes a visit to the area dedicated to reptiles. A tropical room where in various display cases you will see snakes and alligators.

For a small extra cost you can visit the Sealion aquarium. Here you will discover the world of penguins and sea lions.

After the tour at the Zoosafari in Fasano, you can head to the amusement park. Fasanolandia offers mechanical attractions for both adults and families and children. An area where you will also find exhibitions, museums and dining areas. You can also stop and watch one of the many organized shows.

The Fasano zoo and fasanolandia offer many paths among the animals and lots of fun.

What are you waiting for? Visit the safari zoo of Fasano and fasanolandia if you are looking for a day full of fun!