Best beaches in Foggia. [GUIDE] 2024

Updated at: 09-07-2024

Best beaches in Foggia. [GUIDE] 2024

Puglia is among the Italian regions with the most beautiful beaches. In this guide we will see the best beaches in Foggia.

Where to go to the beach in Foggia?

The 5 best beaches to visit in the province of Foggia are:

  • Baia delle Zagare
  • San Felice Bay
  • Scialara beach
  • Pelikano
  • Mattinatella

Foggia Beaches

Baia delle Zagare

Baia delle Zagare is among the most beautiful beaches in Puglia. The name of the bay derives from the citrus flowers, the orange blossom, present in the area.

The bay is characterized by two stacks near the shore. One called "Diomede's Arch" and the other "scissors".

The beach is characterized by small pebbles. You can swim to the two stacks. The beach also offers the possibility to rent single or couple kayaks. It is said that swimming across the arch brings good luck.

The sea is clear and clean, the water becomes deep after a few steps from the shore. When the afternoon comes, the sun begins to hide behind the cliffs. So the shade falls on the beach.

foggia beaches

Do you want to spend a quiet day on the beach? The best thing to do is to book at one of the beaches in the bay. In this way you will also have parking for the car included. Furthermore, going down to the beach you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Bay.

San Felice Bay

To the south of Vieste lies the Bay of San Felice. A sandy bottom beach with an equipped lido. The main attraction of this beach is the Arco di San Felice. A real arch formed over time thanks to the corrosive action of wind and sea water. The arch can be reached by sea, along the rocks. Legend has it that the Arch was built by Nymphs and Tritons to pay homage to Neptune and his wife. If you want to admire the show from above, you can stop at the San Felice tower. You will find it shortly after the beach. You will be enchanted by the wonderful landscape that Puglia will offer you.


Spiaggia della Scialara

The Scialara beach is the symbol of the city of Vieste. The beach is known as Pizzomunno. This is an imposing 25 meter rock on the beach. The beach is part of the must to see of Puglia. Its story recalls the legend of two lovers. The stone is said to be the young fisherman Pizzomunno. He was petrified immediately after his sweetheart was kidnapped by the sirens. In fact, the sirens were very jealous and wished to have Pizzomunno as their lover.

The beach is very easy to reach. It is in fact located right in the center of the city of Vieste. The rock is located on a free beach. Right next to it you will find an equipped beach.

The Pelikano

Pelikano is a sandy bottom beach. It is located in Vieste, not far from Pizzomunno and the city center. It is an equipped beach. You can book sun loungers and parasols there, and you will also have parking included. It is the ideal place if you want to relax until late afternoon and enjoy a dinner in the elegant restaurant on the Lido.


The Mattinatella beach is located in the municipality of Mattinata, in the province of Foggia. It is characterized by a sandy bottom mixed with gravel. Mattinatella is surrounded by high cliffs rich in vegetation. The beach offers several lidos that alternate with free beaches. So you can choose whether to stop on the free beach with your towels. Or you can choose the convenience of a beach. Often, by booking sun loungers and beach umbrellas at the beach, you will also have included parking. You will also find bars and some typical restaurants.

How is the sea in Foggia?

The sea is clean and clear. The colors are wonderful. The beauty of the sea mixes with the beauty of the cliffs. You will find lots of greenery, which surrounds most of the beaches in the area. You will find yourself immersed in wonderful landscapes.