A trip to Bari will make you learn about the millennial history of one of the ancient cities of southern Italy, Barium (ancient Latin name). You can visit the treasures of art , architecture and gastronomy , all full of fascinating stories and sensations to discover.

The historical epochs of things to see stand out clearly. The buildings of the Romanesque period, the Frederick's castle and the medieval churches surround the palaces in Venetian, Baroque, Art Nouveau or Decò style.

There are many structures of Saracen, Byzantine and Norman influences, cultures that in the course of history have respectively contributed to the construction of the ancient city of Braium. You can discover the historical path of the city, enriched by the juxtaposition and overlapping of different cultures over the millennia.

All the fantastic historical, cultural and gastronomic experiences offered by Bari are accompanied by absolute cordiality and generosity; of people, in a scenario where the sun and the sea are the background.

Things to see in Bari

The old town

The ideal way to start your trip to Bari (and discover its cultural richness) is; visiting the heart of the city, the San Nicola district, for the citizens of Bari " Bari Vecchia ".

If you prefer to have a guide or someone from the place to guide you through the streets of the center then you will be able to find someone who will make you discover Bari for the aspects and for the things you like to do most.

Visiting old Bari is a bit like turning in a labyrinth of ancient, narrow and winding streets close to the sea. The heart of old Bari dates back to the Middle Ages and is enclosed by walls dominated by the Norman Castle.

As you walk through its alleys, it seems like little has changed from the past. You can admire many unique houses and buildings of their kind that overlook corners or squares enriched by churches, monuments or glimpses of the sea.

For art lovers, in Bari 0t is possible to organize guided tours for specific monuments, historical periods, topics of interest.

For culture lovers the city offers timeless classics in its marvelous theaters, and musical and cinematic events thanks to the creative ferment of its citizens throughout the history of Bari.

In Piazza del Ferrarese and Piazza Mercantile is the commercial and social heart of city life, being full of clubs and crowded with people at any time of day.

Piazza Mercantile houses the ancient seat of the Town Hall and the Column of Justice (to which in ancient times insolvent debtors and thieves were tied and exposed to the public vent).

The Basilica of San Nicola , the symbol of the city, also overlooks the square. and one of the architectural masterpieces of the Apulian Romanesque.

Worthy of note is the Church of San Marco which was built by Venetian merchants present in the Bari area since the 11th century.

Another wonder in the area is early Christian basilica of San Sabino , a particular example of the influence of different styles.

Immediately behind San Sabino stands the Castello Federiciano , the fortification of the Swabian period strongly desired by Frederick II, subsequently enlarged by the Aragones. Outside the castle there is an evident medieval imprint while inside the style is decidedly of the sixteenth century spirit.

Nearby other testimonies of Bari's multicultural history are the Civic Historical Museum , the complex of Santa Scolastica and the suggestive Piazza Santa Maria del Buonconsiglio.

To conclude and get a clearer idea of the artistic beauties of the city you can visit the most nineteenth-century Palazzo Mincuzzi, in the style of French liberty warehouses, the famous Petruzzelli Theater and the Provincial Art Gallery that dominate the city; and the old port.

Things to do in Bari

Tastes and flavors of Bari cuisine, gastronomic guided tours in Bari

For fans of gastronomy It is possible to take cooking classes, gastronomic visits to companies producing typical Apulian products (oil, wine, cheeses, salami, fish).

Between a cultural walk and another in the alleys of Bari Vecchia it will be difficult to resist the scents and colors of traditional Apulian cuisine.

Fresh pasta made by the ladies in front of your eyes. Focaccias, ice creams, typical sweets, aperitifs, fantastic fresh fish dishes at the port and much more await you in the streets of old Bari.

Sea and Beaches in Bari

The city allows you to experience the magic of the sea in a pleasant and friendly setting.

The beaches of Bari are suitable for both families and groups of friends, thanks to the great variety; of services offered day and night. The Bari coast is rich in lidos, public beaches and nature reserves and therefore able to satisfy different needs for every type of holiday.

Some lidos and small beaches are available in the city as well as in the surroundings of Bari. Just south of Bari, for example, it is possible to visit Porto Ghiacciolo or discover some of the most beautiful beaches in Monopoli.

Also north of Bari we recommend visiting Polignano a Mare. A jewel of an ancient town built on white rock overlooking the sea. A small beach in the village and a very suggestive historical center, all unique of its kind.

Other things to visit in Bari

The Basilica of San Nicola

The basilica was built in 1079, built on the remains of an ancient early Christian church still visible in the basement, is named after St. Nicholas of Myra the bishop who, according to legend, gave birth to Santa Claus.

The remains of the saint rest in the crypt of the basilica and makes it a pilgrimage destination for both Catholics and Orthodox from all over the world.

Adjacent to the basilica is the Nicolaian Museum, where & egrave; the treasure of San Nicola is kept, rich in antiques, silver, miniatures and ancient parchments.

Fishermen's wharf and fish market

The city center of Bari is famous above all for the places of historical interest. Among the main attractions a stone's throw from the historic center,on the seafront and exactly on the San Nicola pier, there is the "N 'd  rr'a la lanze" market.

In a bucolic atmosphere you can see the fishermen at work and stroll among the stalls of freshly caught fish.The perfect place for an aperitif based on fish served by the fishermen and fresh beer bought from the bars on the pier.

Nearby the Teatro Margherita show, directly on the sea, and the Cathedral of Bari and the Quintino Sella station, from which you can travel the length and breadth of the city.

The seafront

Inaugurated in the Fascist era, today is one of the best walks in the city in which to see a series of late Art Nouveau buildings, parks and the sea.

The most important part is located between the new port and the old port. Halfway through about It is possible to enter the historic center through an entrance in the walls.

The Norman Castle

Built by the Normans in 1131, the castle dominates the sea, protecting its entrance to the city.

It is possible to take part in guided tours to visit the interior, the two towers and the towers that surround it.

Crossing the drawbridge over the moatIt is possible to admire the interior in Gothic and Renaissance style.

The Corrado Giaquinto Picture Gallery in Bari

The art gallery houses important testimonies of Apulian art, with various collections, paintings, clothes and objects from the year 1000.

You can admire medieval sculptures, paintings from the Neapolitan and Apulian schools, the Grieco collection and paintings by Luca Giordane and Andrea Vaccaro, Pelizza da Volpedo, De Chirico and Carra'.

Underground Bari

To see the city from another point of view It is possible to participate in the guided night tours.

Authorized archaeologists will accompany you on the underground path that goes from the Norman Swabian Castle to the whole of the Old Town.

The guided tour of the city undergrounds of Bari will allow you to see how the city has been rebuilt on itself over the centuries.

It will be possible to see how over time palaces and churches have been rebuilt on the remains of old structures, for example under the basilica of San Nicola It is possible to admire an ancient early Christian basilica.

The Castellana Caves

About half an hour away from Bari are the Castellana Caves, famous for the White Cave (the brightest alabaster cave in the world), with a path of 3 kilometers with depth; up to 100 meters.

You go down to the cave in two different routes (a special route dedicated to people with disabilities). The cave complex also includes a museum and an astronomical observatory.

You enter from the largest cave, the Grave, the only one to have natural access to the surface and then continue through canyons, stalactites and stalagmites with wonderful shapes and colors. Until you get to the white cave, the most suggestive of all.

Town Hall 2

Historic places of interest, gardens and bars are some of the main attractions of Municipio 2.

Two other must-see stops are the Pane e Pomodoro Beach and the Cathedral of Bari.

Basilica of San Nicola che includes period architecture, interior views and religiosity

Town Hall 1

The historical sights and the promenade are just some of the many attractions of Municipio 1. Two other must-see stops are Port of Bari and Pane e Pomodoro Beach, while from Quintino Sella Station you can go far and wide. off the city .

Port of Bari

The port of Bari is one of the most important stopovers important of the Italian Adriatic coast.

From it ferries and ships depart for the Italian and Slavic coasts and for the whole Mediterranean.

You can stroll around the harbor and admire luxurious yachts but also traditional fishing boats next to each other.

Bari Cathedral

In the heart of the historic center, not far from the Basilica of San Nicola is the Cathedral. A monumental church, considered one of the best examples of Apulian Romanesque and seat of an important diocesan museum.

Petruzzelli Theater

One of the things to visit in Bari is certainly the Petruzzelli Theater. It is really exciting to be seated in the audience of opera and theatrical art lovers in general.

While in the area you will certainly notice the presence of numerous activities; tantalizing, such as the excellent restaurants, the ovens hidden in the corners with intoxicating scents and the pastry shops full of fresh and inviting desserts.

Piazza del Ferrarese

Take a leap into the beating heart of the nightlife in Bari Barese, a pretty little square overlooking the seafront and dotted with palm trees, from which a series of streets start that extend throughout the historic center where you will find food and to drink things that will satisfy every desire.

Things to see near Bari

Alberobello and its Trulli heritage of humanity

One of the hottest places, beautiful to visit on a day trip, is Alberobello, a city about 50 km from Bari.

The Trulli, traditional stone houses with self-supporting structures, are beautiful, characteristic and a perfect example of passive green building.

Visiting Alberobello will calm you down in a fairytale world, surrounded by greenery in a cool hilly climate.