Christmas Polignano a Mare Christmas Events and Shows

Updated at: 08-07-2024

Christmas Polignano a Mare 2022 Christmas Events and Shows

During the Christmas holidays in Polignano a Mare the "Once upon a time Christmas" format will be underway from 8 December to 7 January with dozens of events, shows and public demonstrations in the streets, squares and terraces overlooking the sea of the historic center of Polignano a Mare and in the new city around the historic center.

Christmas in Polignano a Mare

In one of the most magical places on the Apulian coast, on the cliff overlooking the Adriatic on which the ancient city of Polignano a Mare is built, Christmas parties, events and shows will be held from 8 December until 26 December. The Polignanese winter is characterized by wonderful artist illuminations, which will be set up on December 6th, which are distributed in the narrow streets of the ancient city or on the terraces overlooking the sea, which will illuminate, starting from December 8th with a multimedia show bright in Piazza Libertà, night walks through the historic center and will delight children thanks to the fantastic figures that the Christmas lights depict.

Christmas Polignano a Mare events

The events under Christmas in Polignano a Mare are:

  • contemporary circus
  • Street art
  • ancient games
  • vertical events
  • living crib
  • reading
  • music
  • storyteller without amplification

Program and calendar of Christmas events in Polignano a Mare

Here the program and calendar of Christmas events in Polignano a Mare:

  • December 6, setting up Christmas lights in Polignano a Mare
  • 8 December Christmas lights and video mapping show in Piazza della Libertà
  • The third edition of "Santa Claus comes from the sea" will be held on December 22, , with Santa Claus arriving by boat from Ostuni sea (at the Naval League of Villanova). Children can visit Santa's little wooden house
  • 6 January will be entirely dedicated to the little ones
  • Necessary theater
  • Tutti Matti for Colorno in co-production with Compagnie Grandet Douglas (FR)
  • A Clown for a Friend
  • the association with Fusion
  • Band Concert with Majorette City of Polignano a Mare
  • the Compagnia Internazionale Residui Teatro in collaboration with Bachi da Setola
  • ResExtensa Dance Company in collaboration with Pachamama (Street Art)
  • Epos Teatro, in collaboration with the "Nino Rota" Conservatory of Monopoli, Accademia delle Muse, Pro Loco F. F. Favale, A.D.I.A. Astronomy and the CasArmonica cultural association.