Ostuni beaches: best beaches in Ostuni

Updated at: 08-07-2024

Ostuni beaches: best beaches in Ostuni

Ostuni, known as the White City, is located in northern Puglia, 8 km from the Adriatic Sea. This gem of Salento, in the province of Brindisi, rises on panoramic hills and is only 35 km from Brindisi airport, ensuring easy access to its renowned Blue Flag beaches. A perfect crossroads between culture and marine nature, Ostuni fascinates visitors from all over the world.

Ostuni Beaches, also called Marina di Ostuni, extends along the Adriatic coast in front of the city of Ostuni and includes a series of beaches characterized by clean and crystalline sea. The coast of Ostuni Sea is characterized by the alternation of sandy beaches with rocky beaches and rocks, all embraced by a luxuriant Mediterranean scrub. Much of the Mediterranean scrub and the dunes that reach the sea have already been declared Nature Reserves and Protected Parks for many years and thanks to this the ancient beauty of the uncontaminated coast has been preserved.

Ostuni beaches: best 11 beaches in Ostuni

Ostuni mare is the ideal place to spend holidays in Puglia both as a couple and with the family thanks to the many leisure opportunities.

You can venture into the wonderful wild nature or pamper yourself in one of the many equipped beaches where you can enjoy every possible service for you and the family.

The 11 most beautiful beaches of Ostuni are:

  • Torre Pozzella beaches
  • Costa Merlata beaches
  • Spiaggia Pilone beach
  • Monticelli beach
  • Quarto di Monte beach
  • Gorgognolo beach
  • Lamaforca beach
  • Rosa Marina beaches
  • Camerini bay
  • Lido White Beach Club
  • Lido Morelli

It is possible to venture into the dunes and the Mediterranean scrub to discover small beaches surrounded by nature or ancient monuments on the sea perfectly preserved and open to the public.

Even in August, when the main beaches are more crowded, it is possible to move around by walking for a few minutes to discover coves, beaches or cliffs completely free from the crowds and available almost exclusively for you.

Torre Pozzella Beaches

Ostuni Beaches: Torre Pozzella beach

Torre Pozzella is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coastal areas of Ostuni Sea and is just a few kilometers from the historic city center.

The area is characterized by clear waters and an alternation of beaches and coves, separated by stretches with beautiful rocks and high water.

Torre Pozzella is the ideal place to go to the beach and enjoy some healthy relaxation immersed in the Apulian coastal nature.

Along the coastal stretch of Torre Pozzella there is one of the ancient watchtowers, used to defend the area from attacks by sea from marauders and moors.

The tower originates in the sixteenth century and today is half standing.

This area of ​​Ostuni Sea is also excellent when there is wind.

In fact, the high rocks protect the beach during the most windy days, allowing swimmers to enjoy the fresh air without having to give up the sun and diving into the sea.

The sandy beaches of Torre Pozzella are suitable for families, thanks to the shallow waters where you can swim with children.

On the other hand, for those who love diving from the rocks it is easy to find the point that best suits the long rocky coast.

Natural Park of the Coastal Dunes

The Torre Pozzella area is also excellent for those traveling by Camper, thanks to the numerous parking areas with shaded areas with electrical connections and other services.

Torre Pozzella is located in the Ostuni Sea area where the Natural Park of the Coastal Dunes extends.

It is a protected area full of paths where you can walk completely immersed in the nature of the Apulian Mediterranean scrub.

If you like adventure, this is the ideal place to challenge yourself both on foot and by bicycle.

You can venture into the park on foot until you reach one of the seaside beaches of Ostuni.

The green of uncontaminated nature mixes with the beauty of the sea. The park of the Coastal Dunes in fact extends along the entire coast.

Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve

Ostuni Beaches: Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve beaches

Between the Ostuni city and Brindisi there is the magnificent Torre Guaceto natural reserve.

The reserve occupies a long stretch of coast, characterized by protected flora and fauna, typical of the Apulian Mediterranean scrub.

Crossing the Torre Guaceto reserve you will find different landscapes: green areas, sandy areas, rocky areas and a wetland where birds and amphibians live.

The reserve is divided into three zones. Two with partial protection, and one with total protection. In the latter case, excursions are only possible with authorization.

You will find clear sea and fine sand. Torre Guaceto is 23 kilometers from the city of Ostuni.

Once you arrive in Serranova by car, you will find a large parking lot where you can leave your car.

From here a shuttle will take you to Torre Guaceto beach.

Costa Merlata Beaches

Ostuni Beaches: Costa Merlata beach

Costa Merlata is a stretch of the Marina di Ostuni, characterized by an alternation of beaches and coves, which takes its name from the battlements that decorate the walls of a medieval castle.

The coast is in fact characterized by the alternation of beaches with fine sand and rocky or rocky beaches.

Along the Costa Merlata you will find a succession of bays and coves to choose from, all beautiful and particular.

It is up to us to choose, based on what you want to do at the sea and how you are equipped, which is the bottom that we like best between the sandy and the rocky.

Nearby you will find the Spiaggia della Darsena, characterized by shallow waters and therefore particularly suitable for children.

The Darsena beach is accessible to the disabled thanks to the ramps that lead directly onto the sand.

If you want to explore the area better you can go into the Mediterranean scrub and reach the various hidden beaches and practically without anyone to occupy them.

Pilone Beach

Ostuni beaches: Pilone beach

Pilone is one of the most popular beaches in Ostuni and is immersed in the coastal dunes typical of the Apulian Mediterranean scrub.

In this stretch of coast of Ostuni the beaches are of fine sand and slowly slide into a particularly clear and clean sea.

Thanks to the shallow waters, for several tens of meters from the beach, the Pilone beach is particularly suitable for families with children

In Pilone, free beaches alternate with equipped beaches equipped with all the comforts to be able to spend the whole day on the beach without having to leave.

The beach of Pilone can be reached by following the characteristic paths immersed in the pine forest that embraces the beach.

Those staying on the free beach can find refreshment at a bar or a diner near the beaches or beyond the pine forest.

In the equipped beaches of Ostuni Sea you can find refreshment and relax on the sun loungers on the lawn in the shade of the pine trees, drinking something fresh.

The beach at Lido Bosco Verde is one of the most beautiful stretches of sea, where you will be surrounded by the nature of the coastal dunes.

How to reach Pilone?

On the way to the beach you will find some paid parking lots. You can park your car and continue on foot towards the sea of Ostuni.

Monticelli beach

Spiaggia Monticelli, Ostuni Mare

Monticelli beach is located a few kilometers from Ostuni and can be easily reached by car.

It is a small beach with fine, clean sand, easy to reach but not clearly visible from the road.

The beach is not very popular, even during the high season, as it is still little known by tourists.

The coast is wonderful, full of enchanting coves with crystal clear sea.

The beach is popular with local families, couples or groups of friends as it is easy to find a place even on the busiest summer days.

The reason why it is easy to find a place is that there is no type of service and therefore you need to bring everything you need from home to stay a day at the beach.

The Monticelli beach is perfect to visit for a few hours, taking advantage of the sand to lie down in the sun on a towel and the sea to cool off, to be able to enjoy a corner of paradise during the frenzy of the day.

Quarto di Monte beach

Spiaggia Quarto di Monte, Ostuni Mare

Quarto Monte beach is a small free beach located on the coast of the municipality of Ostuni. The inlet that encloses the beach is surrounded by dunes covered with luxuriant Mediterranean scrub.

The beach is off the road and nearby parking is large and inexpensive.

To reach the beach from the parking lot you have to take a short walk among the sand dunes and the Mediterranean scrub that stand out right in front of the sea.

Among the dunes, on the path that leads to the beach, there is the beach bar-restaurant, which offers bar service and refreshments during the day for swimmers and aperitifs and music in the evening.

The bar offers shelter from the sun, under its large pergola, but also tables, deck chairs and armchairs to accommodate bathers who want to cool off and relax. The bar serves both classic summer drinks and freshly prepared products from vegetables and fruit, such as juices, smoothies or smoothies, accompanied by simple Mediterranean dishes.

Even if the beach is free, you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs at reasonable prices at the beach bar to enjoy a relaxing day on the beach.

Being on the beach of Quarto Monte is like finding yourself in a corner of paradise, surrounded by the green of the Apulian nature, a few steps from civilization.

Gorgognolo Beach

Spiaggia Gorgognolo, Ostuni Mare

Gorgognolo beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ostuni despite being very small.

The beach is characterized by a sandy bottom that plunges into crystal clear waters.

Gorgognolo, like many of the beaches in the Ostuni Sea area, is immersed in the typical nature of the Apulian Mediterranean scrub.

It is possible to camp near the beach of Gorgognolo.

Lamaforca beach

Spiaggia Lamaforca, Ostuni Mare

The Lamaforca beach is a long beach surrounded by dense Mediterranean scrub located south of the coast of Ostuni, near Torre Pozzella.

In particular, it is the last beach of the Ostuni coast to the south, immediately after the beaches of the Valtur village.

Small sailboats owned by the nearby village are usually moored on one part of the beach, but the rest of the beach is still usable and with free access to the public.

The Lamaforca beach is the last beach in the extreme south of the municipality of Ostuni, it is located immediately after the two beaches of the Valtur village of Ostuni.

Behind the sandy beach there is a pine forest that you need to cross in order to reach the sea, on foot or by bicycle.

Nearby, a spectacular strip of low rocky cliffs lapped by the luxuriant Mediterranean coastal scrub.

Apart from the nearby village, with its services and facilities that are still accessible, on the Lamaforca beach there are no services available to the public, so you need to bring everything you need to spend the day at the beach.

Rosa Marina Beaches

Ostuni Beaches: Rosa Marina beach

Not far from Pilone are the beaches of Rosa Marina.

These are beaches frequented mainly by the inhabitants of the Rosa Marina Village.

Those who are not staying in the village can still call the Lido Rosa Marina and book their umbrella.

Alternatively, you can move a little further and stop on the free beaches near the beach.

At every point of the Rosa Marina beaches you will find a crystalline sea with long stretches of sand.

Bay of Camerini Beach

Spiaggia Baia dei Camerini, Ostuni Mare

In the list of the most beautiful summer placesin Ostuni there is certainly Baia dei Camerini.

Here you will find a free beach and a small equipped area, where you can rent a sunbed and umbrella.

The area is well served by bars and restaurants.

White Beach Club

Ostuni Strände: White Beach Club strände

Der White Beach Club ist einer der beliebtesten Strände in Ostuni Meer und befindet sich in einer Bucht mit einem spektakulären Meer

Der Strand bietet die Möglichkeit, Sonnenschirme und Liegestühle zu mieten sowie alle typischen Dienstleistungen eines hochwertigen Strandes anzubieten.

Tagsüber Lido und Strand wird abends zum exklusiven Club. Tatsächlich ist das Lido vor allem an den Sommerabenden als Ort zum Tanzen bekannt.

Es gibt viele andere Strände in Ostuni, an denen Sie einen entspannten Tag am Meer verbringen und sich dann direkt am Strand weiter vergnügen können, und der White Beach Club gehört zu den besten.

Lido Morelli

Ostuni strände: Lido Morelli strand

In the northern part of Ostuni Seaside you will find the beach through which the Morello River passes.

The beach is about two kilometers long, without any rocks, and is made up of fine white sand.

Lido Morelli is ideal if you are on holiday with children as the water is shallow for a long stretch of the beach

You will be able to let the children play on the sand in complete peace and safety.

Ostuni Beaches: entrance and parking

BeachTorre PozzellaFreeAvailable
BeachCosta MerlataFreeAvailable
BeachRosa MarinaFree / Payment servicesAvailable
BeachWhite BeachPayment servicesAvailable
BeachLido MorelliFreeAvailable
BeachBaia dei CameriniFree / Payment servicesAvailable

Ostuni Beaches: how is the sea in Ostuni?

One of the main characteristics of the sea in Ostuni are the clear and crystalline waters. The fine sand and the marvelous colors of the water and the uncontaminated nature that surrounds it are other peculiarities of Ostuni Sea.

The coast is made up of long stretches of sand where there are also beaches with a rocky bottom, made even more beautiful for their transparency thanks to the fact that there is little sand on the bottom that can turn into the water.

Ostuni Beaches are surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, entirely open to the public. Entering the Mediterranean scrub of Ostuni Sea it is possible to rediscover the scents of spices and plants typical of the Apulian Mediterranean cuisine such as myrtle and rosemary.

The naturalistic trend of the Marina di Ostuni, the smells of the Mediterranean scrub and the local fauna will make your stay more pleasant and will make you love the unspoiled coast of Ostuni Sea.

A valuable advice to visitors to Ostuni Mare: if you can visit the beaches of Ostuni Mare mainly during the days when the sirocco wind blows, a wind coming from the south-west, so you can enjoy the calm sea, the clear waters and the avoid the strong wind coming from the sea.

However, even on the most breezy days it is pleasant to stay on the beach. Ostuni Sea is so beautiful that even the singer Madonna was fascinated by it. Madonna has decided to celebrate her 2021 birthday in Puglia, right in Ostuni.

If you are on holiday in Puglia, the coast of Ostuni is to be included in the list of things to see.

Ostuni beaches

The coast of Ostuni is located on the northern coast of Salento, overlooks the Adriatic Sea and has a length of about twenty kilometers, with an alternation of sandy stretches with rocky stretches, natural reserves and free beaches.

Ostuni Sea has obtained several positive awards for the cleanliness and quality of the water.

In fact, Ostuni Sea has been the assignee, for many years, of titles that certify its quality compared to many other parts of the Apulian coasts, namely the national "Blue Flag" and the "Cinque Vele" of Legambiente.

This is synonymous with excellent quality and cleanliness of the sea and coasts, and all this makes the stay on the coasts and on the beach absolutely pleasant and safe.

Furthermore, the lidos on the beaches of Ostuni are particularly known for the events, musical parties and aperitifs that are offered on spring and summer Sundays.

Ostuni beaches: dog friendly beaches

Are you wondering if there are beaches in Ostuni where you can go bringing your dog?

For your holiday in Ostuni Sea with your 4-legged friend you will find places where you can go and entertain animals in complete freedom

The dog friendly beaches of Ostuni are:

  • Stones beach, on a stretch of the Costa Merlata
  • Beach in the locality of Mogale

For the other locations there is no access for animals, with the exception of guide dogs and dogs with a rescue license.

You will have no problem finding these two Dog Friendly beaches in Ostuni, as they are properly marked by road signs and on maps issued by tourist centers.

Beach of the Stones

As we have already said previously, the Costa Merlata coastline is characterized by its shallow water.

Which makes it suitable for children and makes it accessible to the disabled (thanks above all to the two solid walkways that reach directly into the water).

But not only! In fact, our dog friends can also access this beach.

The Dog Friendly beach is called the Beach of Stones and is located in the direction of Bari.

Mogagne beach

The second Dog Friendly beach is in Mogale, towards Brindisi. Here you can swim and have your dog always with you, in complete tranquility.

The dog will be able to bathe but must be accompanied by his owner, who is obliged to keep the dog on a leash.

How far is Ostuni from the sea?

Ostuni center is only a few kilometers from the sea, to be exact there are 8 kilometers and a difference in height of 200 meters must be overcome.

In fact, it takes about minutes to get to Ostuni by car, starting from the city center.

How to reach Ostuni beaches?

If you are by car, you can follow the signs and reach the sea in about twenty minutes.

If you prefer to use public transport you can use one of the public services made available by the municipality of Ostuni.

In fact, from the town of Ostuni depart, throughout the day, various buses to the sea.

Families traveling to Ostuni beaches are offered a holiday dedicated to good food, relaxation, contact with the unspoiled nature of the Apulian countryside and with the ancient history of the area with many historical jewels to discover.

Thanks to the privileged position it is possible to clearly observe all the crops, basically vineyards and olive groves, which start already from inside the city and which stop near the sea (it is possible to observe all this and the Marina di Ostuni from the belvedere in the city and basically from the terraces of each of the houses in Ostuni).

Ostuni, the white city, view towards the sea

Ostuni is also called "The White City" thanks to its historic houses, built with very thick stone walls, and entirely plastered in white lime, all to protect the inhabitants from the hot summer sun and to keep the temperatures inside constant. even in winter.

From the heights of the city of Ostuni, built on 3 adjacent hills, it is possible to observe in the distance the Marina of Ostuni about 7 km away, a breathtaking spectacle both day and night.

Ostuni beach: where to snorkel?

If you love water sports, we recommend the Gorgognolo beach for snorkeling excursions.

The rocky areas of Torre Guaceto and Torre Pozzella are also particularly beautiful.

Plan your summer holidays in Ostuni Beaches

Ostuni, the White City, is now one of the most sought after and sought after destinations by tourists from all over the world.

If you want to visit the ancient village of Ostuni, and its most beautiful beaches, you should try staying in a Masseria in Ostuni to enjoy all the wonders that the area offers in complete relaxation.

You can taste typical local foods prepared with love, starting from fresh ingredients collected just before preparation.

You will benefit from the relaxation that only the Apulian countryside can offer you on warm summer evenings, within beautifully restored historic structures and furnished with taste.

There are farms that are just a few minutes walk from the sea, or farms that are a few kilometers inland, it's up to you to choose the ideal place to stay from among the best Masserie in Puglia.

If the farms are not for you, the offer of accommodation is still wide: you can still stay in one of the many hotels, B & Bs and holiday homes in Ostuni, sea and city.

This you have just read is a guide to the most beautiful beaches in Ostuni in .

During your stay, we recommend that you move every day, if possible, to be able to visit more than one of the beaches and lidos available.

You will be able to discover different paradisiacal corners in Ostuni Seaside that will give you unforgettable moments.

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