Best Brindisi Beaches [GUIDE] 2024

Updated at: 09-07-2024

Best Brindisi Beaches [GUIDE] 2024

The beaches of Brindisi and the province extend for about 70 km of coastline on the Adriatic Sea. The southernmost beaches of Brindisi are: Lendinuso beach and Campo di Mare beach. The northernmost beaches of Brindisi are located in Savelletri, near Fasano. The city of Brindisi is located in the middle between the south coast road and the north coast road. The most visited beaches of Brindisi are: the beach in the Oasis of Torre Guaceto, the beach of Punta Penna Grossa, the beaches of Apani and the beaches of Marina di Ostuni.

The best Brindisi beaches are:

  • Torre Guaceto
  • Torre Pozzella
  • Cala di Rosamarina
  • Costa Merlata
  • Punta Penna Grossa
  • Pilone
  • Torre San Gennaro
  • Apani
  • Morgicchio
  • Torre Canne
  • Cala Materdomini
  • Torre Santa Sabina
  • Pantanagianni

Brindisi beaches

Torre Guaceto beaches

Torre Guaceto Natural Reserve Beaches in Ostuni, Brindisi

Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve is a vast protected natural area located about 15 kilometers north of Brindisi, a few kilometers from the towns of Carovigno and San Vito dei Normanni.

Torre Guaceto beach is the most famous of the beaches within the nature reserve and characterized by a very long sandy beach, which guarantees a lot of personal space for bathers, with dunes and Mediterranean scrub behind it.

On the long beach of fine sand there are also two establishments which with their catering and entertainment services contribute to making the stay on the beach more relaxing under the hot summer sun.

Torre Guaceto beach can be reached by car and once parked you have to walk at least one kilometer to reach the beach.

Alternatively, you can use the shuttle bus that periodically collects groups of visitors and transports them from the parking lot to the beach and vice versa.

On weekends, especially in summer, the beach of Torre Guaceto could be crowded at certain times but if you pass the free beach and enter the reserve for a few minutes you will discover numerous bays, natural marine pools and beaches with very few people. wonderful natural places perfectly preserved.

Other Beaches near Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve

In addition to the long sandy beach of Torre Guaceto, located immediately at the pedestrian entrance to the reserve, there are other points where you can stop and relax.

Many of these are among the beaches within the reserve but are composed of natural marine tanks and large cliffs from which you can dive directly into high water.

From these cliffs it is possible to really appreciate the natural marine beauties of the Brindisi sea reserve.

North of the "Beach of the Torre Guaceto Nature Reserve" are the Punta Penna Grossa Beach, also characterized by a large parking area with the possibility of a shuttle bus to get closer to the beach, or the wonderful Spiaggia delle Conchiglie, visited by few because it is far from the entry points, and reachable only on foot or by bike, but wonderful because instead of sand there are fragments or whole shells.

More information on Torre Guaceto

Torre Pozzella beach

Naturalistic area of Torre Pozzella beaches in Ostuni, Brindisi

The naturalistic area of Torre Pozzella is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the north of Brindisi and contains 5 beautiful coves, which are among the most beautiful beaches of Ostuni.

The coastal stretch of Torre Pozzella is characterized by sandy coves interspersed with large cliffs, all surrounded by the typical Mediterranean scrub of the coastal dunes.

Thanks to the status of a protected area, the area of Torre Pozzella is rich in biodiversity of plant and animal species that can be admired while staying on the beaches.

In addition to the five coves and cliffs, within the naturalistic area of Torre Pozzella there is also a very rare wood of centuries-old junipers.

Pilone beach

Pilone beach within Coastal Dunes Regional Park in Ostuni, Brindisi

Pilone is a long beach north of Brindisi in the territory of the town of Ostuni.

The Pilone beach is part of the Coastal Dunes Regional Natural Park from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo.

In Pilone the sea is transparent while the beach is made of thin and clear sand that alternates with cliffs.

On this part of the coast there are free stretches of beach alternating with equipped beaches, such as the Bosco Verde beach, the Beach Club and the Lula Bay beach.

Al Pilone there is a wide choice of places where you can spend your day at the beach.

You can decide to use the services offered by the various beaches present (umbrellas, sunbeds, bars and more) or occupy a bit of free beach and enjoy the sun and the sea in serenity.

It is possible to park directly under the Torre San Leonardo, or in one of the guarded car parks in the area, and then walk for a few hundred meters to reach the beach.

Not far from the Aragonese tower of San Leonardo you will find a kiosk if needed, but then continuing towards the beaches you will find services to refresh and refresh yourself in each of the beaches present.

Rosa Marina beach

Rosa Marina beach is located north of Brindisi in the territory of the Rosa Marina village.

In reality, the beach consists of five different smaller beaches, which alternate very fine sand with shallow water and rocks on which you can enjoy the sun and the sea.

The 5 beaches in Cala di Rosamarina are: the pier, the Capanno, the Lambertiana, the Rhodos and the Cala beach.

To be able to access the beaches you need to park on the road and walk for a few hundred meters point once on the beach and you will find all the necessary services to be able to spend a wonderful day at the beach without ever having to move from the place: refreshment services, umbrellas, sunbeds , entertainment and a splendid sea.

You could book your stay directly at the tourist village on the beach (Villaggio Rosamarina) and in this way you could enjoy the 5 beaches for many days, without ever having to move by car or other means, and with the possibility of having your car guarded. a few meters from the beach directly inside the village.

Costa Merlata beach

Costa Merlata beaches in Brindisi

The Costa Merlata beach is located just south of Torre Pozzella and is also called the Darsena beach.

It is a small but suggestive free sandy beach with transparent sea and shallow water for many meters.

The characteristic of the beach is that it is positioned at the end of a natural corridor of rocks that dampen the movement of the waves, making the water particularly low and not very lively.

The beach is also equipped with a lifeguard service and for this reason it is particularly suitable for families with children.

Not far from the wide sandy beach it is possible to walk to some rocky coves overlooking the sea, with the seabed a few meters deep and transparent water, from which it is possible to dive.

The beach is equipped with all the necessary services to make the day at the beach comfortable and relaxing, and starting from the parking lot near the beach with a kiosk where you can refresh yourself and cool off in the hottest hours.

Punta Penna Grossa beach

Punta Penna Grossa

Punta Penna Grossa beach is located about fifteen kilometers north of Brindisi.

The characteristics of Punta Penna Grossa are the crystalline sea with the long and sandy beach that extends inwards between dunes and Mediterranean scrub, ideal for spending a wonderful day at sea surrounded by nature even with the family.

As in all the Torre Guaceto nature reserve, the Punta Penna Grossa beach is a free beach open to the public.

Apani Beaches

North of Brindisi, just below Punta Penna Grossa, the coast offers other beaches that are worth visiting.

The Apani beach is characterized by a long sandy shore, particularly spacious and welcoming, with dunes and the Mediterranean scrub that embrace the bathers lying in the sun.

The sand is fine and golden and the water is shallow and crystalline for many meters.

The car park is a few meters from the beach and at both ends it is possible to cool off and refresh yourself in the kiosks or on the beaches on the beach.

Morgicchio beach

Morgicchio beach is located a few kilometers north of Brindisi and is one of the beaches in Specchiolla.

Morgicchio is characterized by being a beach with very fine and golden sand in a large and accessible space.

On the beach there are numerous establishments and you can take advantage of the coolness offered by the centuries-old pine forest that has grown right next to the sea.

Torre Canne beach

Torre Canne is a marine fraction of the city of Fasano in the province of Brindisi.

Near Torre Canne it is possible to visit places of interest such as the rock settlements Lama d'Antico and Scavi di Egnazia.

The Torre Canne beach is characterized by a beach of very light and fine sand with the Mediterranean scrub behind it.

Walking from the Torre Canne lighthouse towards the beach, continuing on foot to the marina, you will find a series of free beaches and establishments where you can stop and enjoy the well-deserved refreshment on relaxing days at the beach.

Torre San Gennaro beach

Torre San Gennaro beach is located a few kilometers south of Brindisi near Torchiarolo.

The beach is characterized by sandy beaches that alternate with stretches of cliff overlooking the Adriatic.

The sandy coves are surrounded by the luxuriant Mediterranean scrub, which frames the beaches and the spectacular rock ridges.

The beach is equipped with all the necessary services to spend a wonderful day at the beach.

Optionally you can take advantage of the comforts of the various bathing establishments or spread a towel on the free beach and enjoy the sun while remaining a little more secluded.

Cala Materdomini beach, Brindisi

Cala Materdomini beach

The public equipped beach Cala Materdomini is located at the entrance to the north coast of Brindisi.

Cala Materdomini is a historic beach in Brindisi, historically widely used by citizens as it is within the city and therefore not very demanding to reach.

The reception facilities and services present in Cala Materdomini are all public and have recently been renovated and improved.

The beach of Cala Materdomini is easily reachable from the center of Brindisi both by car and by public transport.

Torre Santa Sabina beach

Torre Santa Sabina is an area of ​​the municipality of Carovigno, near Brindisi. Here you will find small white sand beaches and a beautiful sea. The area also becomes very popular in the evening with its many clubs by the sea. It is therefore suitable for children who want to spend their 2023 holidays by the sea, also choosing fun.

If you go to the beach of Torre Santa Sabiana you will find an expanse of fine and clear sand. It is located around Brindisi and is usually a great place to relax as it is uncrowded. It owes its name to the presence of two towers: Torre Canne and Torre Rossa, in its vicinity. The sea of Torre Santa Sabina is the beautiful sea of Puglia, clear and crystalline.

Among the best known beaches of Torre Santa Sabina is the Mezzaluna beach. It is so called because of its moon shape. This beach has shallow waters, it is also suitable for children.

The beach of the dressing rooms is another important beach. With a sandy bottom with some rocks coming out of the water, it is located in the heart of Santa Sabina. Here, in fact, you can admire the famous tower dating back to the 16th century.

Pantanagianni beach

Pantanagianni is an area near Brindisi known for having two sandy beaches, one small and one very large.

The small beach is a free beach while the larger beach is served by two two bathing establishments alternating with free beaches.

You will find a private car park where you can leave your car unattended.

Video Brindisi beach

Historic beaches in Brindisi

Equipped beaches in Brindisi
  • Lido Risorgimento
  • Lido San Benedetto
  • Lido Granchio Rosso
  • Lido San'Anna
  • Lido del Sole
  • Lido della Polizia

The shores just mentioned are part of the historical shores of Brindisi. The "Lido Risorgimento" bathing establishment is one of the oldest bathing establishments in Brindisi. Together with "Lido Granchio Rosso" they are the most easily accessible beaches by public transport. There are two lines of the Brindisi public transport company that lead directly to these beaches, line 4 and line 4 barred. The latter comes into support of the first line at the beginning of July. For the first period of the summer the public transport lines reach the point of the Brindisi coast road in correspondence with these beaches. They are in fact very crowded beaches especially by groups of very young people.

Moving towards the Ostuni Beaches area you will find other more modern beaches. These beaches welcome many people who like to have fun every summer. Both in the morning and in the afternoon you can relax and have fun with the background music. On summer evenings, these beaches often turn into discos open until late at night.

Which sea bathes the city of Brindisi?

Brindisi is bathed by the Adriatic Sea.

How is the sea in Brindisi?

The sea of ​​Brindisi extends for 70 km on the Adriatic coast and boasts clean and transparent waters. The seabed of Brindisi Mare is mainly sandy both to the north and to the south.

Along the coast, close to the cliffs, there are several natural coves. The natural coves and cliffs are immersed in the suggestive Mediterranean scrub. The Brindisi sea beaches are accessible to everyone and suitable for families.

Where to go to the sea in Brindisi?

The coastal area of ​​the city of Brindisi extends from Savelletri to Lindinuso for about 80 kilometers and is, as a whole, among the most beautiful sea areas of Salento.

On the Brindisi coast there are in fact several natural parks, marine reserves and protected areas. All the protected areas are open to the public and are magnificent both from the historical point of view, for the presence of Saracen Towers and ancient settlements, and for the typical Mediterranean flora and fauna.

Organizing a holiday to go to the sea in Brindisi is ideal for those who want to admire nature close to the sea, enjoying the crystal clear waters and the splendid scenery offered by the coves and the numerous beaches present.

Brindisi Beaches Map

To find out the best Brindisi beaches you can use our interactive Puglia Map.

The most beautiful beaches of Brindisi: a 2024 holiday in Puglia suitable for everyone

The whole coast of Brindisi is characterized by very beautiful beaches overlooking the Adriatic Sea. You will find a beautiful landscape with many wonders that will fascinate you.
The beaches of Brindisi are suitable for everyone: you can go and relax on an equipped beach, you can go on holiday with your family and children because many beaches are low and sandy. You can choose a free beach where you can settle down with your towel and enjoy the southern sun.

If you want to book your 2024 holiday in Puglia and visit the most beautiful beaches of Brindisi, you could rent a holiday home. If you rent a house near the sea you will not need to take a car.

Resort in the area of Brindisi beaches

One of the most popular tourist destinations near Brindisi is Ostuni, if you want to discover the beautiful beaches of Ostuni we advise you to read our post about Ostuni beaches.

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